New Book! New Baby!

Thursday, December 3, 2015
So two weeks ago today, this happened....

Photo taken by the amazing  Jamie Hixon Photography

My second daughter, Sadie Elizabeth (Sadie after my sister Sandra, and Elizabeth after my husband's grandma), was born on November 19th, weighing in at 7 pounds and 14 ounces and stretching 21 inches long.

When Lydia--daughter number one--was born, I came home from the hospital on the same day I received my first book (The Stillburrow Crush) in paperback in the mail!  Five years later, we came home from the hospital with little Sadie to find two boxes of The Girl's Got Secrets (my twenty-first book) in paperback waiting on us.  I thought that was a pretty cool coincidence!

Sadie's a little bundle of joy, and big sister is still (thankfully) completely fascinated and proud of her.  But I had forgotten how time-consuming, exhausting, and overwhelming newborns are.

TMI Fact: Today is Thursday, and I'm positive I took a shower last Saturday but can't remember if I have had another again since then until this morning. Ergo, it's no surprise that I hadn't gotten around yet to posting a blog about my new book...that came out FIVE DAYS ago!!! I know, I'm totally losing it, right?

So, yeah!  THE GIRL'S GOT SECRETS is now available in both paperback and ebook for your reading pleasure!

Book 7 in the Forbidden Men Series
(But can also be read as a standalone)
ISBN : 978-1519115379
Length : 136,500Available : 28 November 2015


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It co-released with the ever-brilliant, amazingly talented Ada Frost and her book SILENT SCARS!

Ada's story is killing it in reviews.  Peeps who have read and reviewed both our books all have given her a five-star rating!  Not all of those have been so five-star for me...not that I'm jealous...much...but I'm also so very excited and happy for my buddy and proud that I got to promote my story with such awesome talent!

Our books are on a book blog tour together now (until December 11th) with Tasty Book Tours.  To catch some reviews, guest posts or interviews on the tour, just follow this link:


You can also find an epic rafflecopter giveaway on that blog tour link for Amazon gift cards and paperbacks.


If anyone is curious what's in the works next for Linda Kage, well...I'm not too sure.  I haven't finished another book yet, so there are no set dates for anything.  But I plan to work on Bailey's story (from the Granton University series), then maybe Brandt and Sarah's story (from the Forbidden Men series).  I also have a new standalone young adult story in mind and want to tell Cassie and Keller's story (from Delinquent Daddy), so...there will be more; I'm just not completely sure what exactly will be next or when it'll get here!

And that's all I have to report for today!  Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving (or November) and that Christmas treats you well!  Hugs!

Coming Soon : The Girl's Got Secrets by Linda Kage and Silent Scars by Ada Frost

Friday, November 6, 2015

For Book 7 of my Forbidden Men series (The Girl's Got Secrets), I'm releasing it on the same day that my book buddy Ada Frost is releasing Book 4 of her Surviving Series (Silent Scars) so we decided to celebrate together!
The big day is NOVEMBER 28th.
And here's a little information about both...if you're curious!

Her Man.

Their Hero.

His Pain.

What happens when you pray for death and you’re ignored?

You have to live.

You have to survive.

But what if the last thing you want is to take your next breath?

To the world, Ryan is a hero, an ex-marine, brother, son and protector. He has devoted his life to keeping others safe. He will do anything and everything to ensure his loved ones are protected, even if that means destroying his very own soul. After an explosion on the battlefield ends his career in the Marine’s, Ryan is sent home with an honorable discharge. But the war hasn’t ended for him.

He is home, he is free and he’s breathing, but he’s dead inside.

He wants nothing more than peace, but the nightmares in his mind will not grant him that. They taunt him, tease him and torture his waking moments. The darkness within him is slowly consuming him, blackness has seeped into his veins and is rotting his core. Ryan is a man on the edge of destruction. For once he is the one in need of saving. He needs a saviour.

He needs her.

Ryan is commissioned as a bodyguard to Aloura Cavendish. When he initially meets her, he believes her to be a spoiled rich brat, wasting his time. But the fire inside her astounds him. When he pushes, he never expects her to push back. When he runs, she chases. For the first time in his life, Ryan has a protector willing to fight his demons. The only problem – he is too afraid to release them.
Here’s the same old “girl posing as a boy” story but with a rock-n-roll twist.

Remy Curran dreams of one day being in a band, except the group she wants to join refuses to hire a girl drummer. So, she auditions as a guy...and makes the cut.

Becoming “Sticks,” a member of Non-Castrato, isn’t quite what she dreamed it would be, though. She spends most of her time keeping up the subterfuge and learning how to walk, talk, act, and drink like a man.

But what’s even harder to deal with is acting oblivious when the band’s heartthrob lead singer, Asher Hart, treats her like one of the guys and not a woman. She never imagined he’d be so much more than a pretty face with a nice voice. But he’s better than perfect. He’s perfect for her.

When love and lies combine, Remy must keep up the act or lose everything. But who knew lying to reach one dream could prevent you from attaining an even bigger dream?
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A FALLOW HEART - Rereleased

Friday, October 9, 2015
After the publisher for A Fallow Heart closed its doors, I went ahead and self-published it. (Got it a new cover too!)

So now it is available again, in ebook only at this time!  I'll work on getting the paperback ready next!

Buy Link : Amazon Kindle only (for the time being!)
A Fallow Heart can be read as a standalone or a prequel to The Trouble with Tomboys. And it's about:
Ten years ago, an oil tycoon’s daughter and a farmer’s son shared a moment neither would ever forget. When she left town in disgrace, a piece of her stayed locked deep within his soul. And like the ground he tended, his emotions lay fallow for years.

Cooper Gerhardt’s deeply buried feelings for Jo Ellen Rawlings grew more fertile over time, just waiting for the day she would return to release his deepest desires.

When she strolls back into Tommy Creek, Texas for her ten-year class reunion, Cooper shows her farm boy style exactly what she missed by leaving. Starting a short-term affair is simply unavoidable.

But when the week is over, can either of them let go of the responsibilities and apprehensions keeping them apart? Or will their fallow hearts learn to flourish together?
In other news:  The Girl's Got Secrets (Forbidden Men, Book 7) will be out in about TWO MONTHS!!! 
Cover created by the amazing Ada Frost!