Friday, June 5, 2020
Here are some eye-opening and really helpful materials that I watched and read that helped me understand and see more clearly what I can personally do to be anti-racist. I hope they help you become a little more aware too. Thanks.

Systemic Racism Explained 

 (4 minute Facebook video)
*This one was a probably the most eye-opening to me. I learned things I didn't know before, anyway!* 

For White People Who Are Asking What They Can Do 

 (5 minute YouTube Video)
*I found this to be poignant, helpful--and heartbreaking--as well.* 

These Books Can Help You Explain Racism and Protest to Your Kids 

 (Online article with a list of children books at the end that you can purchase)
*I'm always all about finding a good list of book recommendations!* 

Talking to Children About Racial Bias 

(Helpful and not-too-long online article)
*I've actually tried a few of these tips; the ten-year-old was kind of like duh-mom, but the four-year-old had fun going through her dolls with me to see how different they all looked--from skin tone to hair and sizes and shapes*

Micro-Agression : How unintentional but insidious bias can be the most harmful 

(8 minute YouTube video)
*Not as entertaining as the others to watch, but it can still get you thinking* 

Books You Could Read About Racism 

(Various Book Lists. Found on Instagram)
*I usually just read romance--or children's books--so honestly I've only skimmed through a couple of these, but for the non-fiction enthusiasts out there, maybe this is a helpful list for you*
Reposted from @baratunde Thanks to @bookshop_org, I have a bookshop! “Baratunde’s World-Saving Bookshop”

How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change 

(Online article written by Barack Obama. 4-minute read)
*Even though I'm not big on political stuff--like at all--I really liked what he had to say here* 

More Articles Added June 24, 2020 

The America I Love Needs To Do Better 

(Online article written by Arnold Schwarzenegger)
*I just saw a quote I loved (I know, I know: I'm obsessed with quotes!!) that said, "Shaming someone into action creates acting. Inspiring someone into action creates change." And this was a good inspirational piece that made me want to be better!* 

Ending Systemic Racism Benefits Everyone 

(Online article)
*I like having a clear game plan when solving a problem, maybe even a list of major bullet points to hit along the way of reaching that plan. And this article lists out some good specific goals to hit in order to end systemic racism on a whole, bigger level.* 

Opposing Viewpoints - Added June 25, 2020 

The Hodgetwins Facebook Page 

(Facebook pages full of videos to watch)
*Because I'm a libra and thus obsessed with symmetry, it's very important for me to look at all sides of a matter and give both opposing viewpoints due consideration. And since it was starting to feel wrong that I was focusing on one side alone, I thought I should also add awareness about people who don't agree with anything posted above. These videos shared by the Hodge twins also make some good points to think about.* 

White Privilege Debate 

(Facebook Video)
*Just one more video showing a viewpoint that opposes systemic racism because we need to see the whole picture.*

Added June 29, 2020

Real Life with Jack Hibbs - Happening Now - Pt 21

(Almost 2 hour YouTube video)
*Here's a religious take on what's happening in the world now with the social issues in the world now.*

Trust in Love Release Day

Monday, May 4, 2020
Trust in Love is out today!!!

It is Book 2 in the Love Mark series, following One True Love which is free today!!

For more information about TRUST IN LOVE:


A princess who thinks she's running away with her one true love meets a ruffian who thinks he's kidnapping her to his kingdom by the sea. Who's right? 

The kingdom of Far Shore still resents Donnelly, its neighboring land, for forming an alliance with those filthy High Clifters and then defeating them in war. Twice! They really must pay for such an insult. And what better way to prick their pride than to steal their lovely, revered princess, mutilate her a little, and then ransom her back to them for a hefty sum. 

So, the king blackmails stable hand, Farrow, into accepting the mission of kidnapping Princess Nicolette and bringing her back to Far Shore to meet her gruesome fate. 

With his sister's life on the line, Farrow reluctantly accepts the quest and travels through desert and forest, only to find Nicolette eagerly awaiting his arrival with her bags already packed and good to go, spouting off insane nonsense about being his destiny and one true love. 

What follows is a crazy, eclectic adventure that brings two lost souls together and helps them learn who they're supposed to be and what they’re supposed to do in this ever-changing journey called life.

B & E Ever After

Thursday, March 5, 2020
Guess what I never did?!

I never mentioned the release of B&E Ever After on this blog! So, here it is, just six months late.

This is a HANSEL & GRETEL romance.

I know, I know. Hansel & Gretel is not a romance unless you make it really gross and incestual. But I'm super proud of myself in managing to make it both a happily ever after romance with no sibling love matches at all.  Go me!

One of my favorite parts of the story is the banter that goes on between Hayden and Gabby. That was fun to make.

And I already shared this with people on Facebook, but I gotta show you some of the google searches I did while writing this book.

Separately, they're probably not so remarkable. But when you put them together, I think they're hilarious. Makes even me want to scratch my head and say, "What the heck is this story about, anyway?"

So, here are those:

  • How does the Hansel and Gretel story go?
  • How much $ do loggers make?
  • Is faking your own death illegal?
  • What country is Monte Carlo in?
  • What are the best highlights of Monte Carlo?
  • Best hotels in Monte Carlo?
  • Do they sell Skittles in Monte Carlo?
  • What are the most popular terms of endearment in Spanish?
  • Is cocaine chunky?
  • What shoe fashions are currently popular?
  • What are the names of some white-collar crimes?
  • Is there really a diamond-coated car?
  • How do you clean wine from a carpet?
  • How much does it cost to repair an elevator?
  • Where is the most popular place to take a honeymoon?
  • What do you call a person with one leg?
  • In which episode of YOU does Beck find Joe's kill box?
  • What type of cell phone was the most popular twenty years ago?
  • Tell me more about Le Metropole shopping center.
  • What brand of male shoe is the nicest?
  • What's another word for a building's manager?
  • What are those things people with diabetes hook up to them 24 hours a day?
  • How do you take care of an insulin pump?
  • What does a naturalization certificate look like?

In other writing news, I will have TRUST IN LOVE available in two months on May (the) 4th (be with you!). And I'm working on SECRETS THAT WE KEEP, but haven't gotten too far with that yet; I keep coming up with more stories to go with now I have ideas for about four more stories for that universe!

Anyway, hope you enjoy B&E EVER AFTER! Or did enjoy it.