Can't Help But Improve

Monday, March 31, 2008
In a recent query letter, I blathered on about how confident I was I'd be published "some day--or year (maybe decade)..." Well, ladies and gentlemen, we've moved into decade territory. After digging up my first rejection letter ever, I was a little stunned to learn it was dated exactly March 30, 1998. But I can't say there hasn't been any progress. My responses have developed from,

"This is not a very good manuscript. The characters are boring and the plot
unrealistic." (Silhouette)


"The writing in the first three chapters is pretty solid with a nice balance
between narrative and dialogue. However..."(Harlequin).

I'm going to keep chugging out stories, though, no matter who reads or buys them. It's kind of an obsession of mine. But I have to admit, I'd really love to sell a few. Until then, I'm developing and perfecting my technique… and learning not to send status inquires to publishers.

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