I'm Moved

Wednesday, December 3, 2008
I've discovered the worst part about about building a new house. It's packing and moving and unpacking. Bluck. Maybe we sub-contracted it out enough we got off easy on the actual "constructing" portion, but good-golly-Miss-Molly... that certainly didn't happen in the moving segment of Operation Build-House. After one great, wonderful, can't-thank-him-enough friend helped my husband carry all the big stuff--like my fifty million and one bookshelves--the rest of the moving was up to me and the hubby alone. I'm still sore and bruised and bone-tired and... did I mention sore?

What's worse, there was a misunderstanding between us and the family wanting to move into the house we were leaving. We thought we told them it'd take us two weeks to clear out. Well... they heard one and called their water and electric company to turn off their utilities a week earlier than my husband and I were ready. So, we ended up having five days to pack and leave instead of two weeks. That sucked. Being rushed, experiencing freezing winds, and working through utter exhaustion do not mix well, let me tell you.

But now we're settled, er, rather settling, and I never realized I had so much junk. We still have a garage full of boxes to unpack and the inside already feels cluttered. What I'd like to know is where did all this crap come from? It certainly can't ALL be ours. I'm sad to say it probably is, but yikes... I don't want it anymore. How dost I rid myself of all this garbage that can't rightly be called garbage?

Good news is... I have a new house!!! And it--along with all that clutter--is mine! It's a little breathtaking. That's the best part of building a new house. Afterward, it's all yours.

Anyway, I have good news in the "book" department as well. Okay, it's great news. My contract for The Stillburrow Crush is signed and complete. It WILL be published someday by The Wild Rose Press. I'm still in that "I'll believe it when I see it" phase, so I'm waiting till there's actual proof to show you all before it's true celebration time.

I finally saw Twilight. Two of my nieces and my sister took pity on me and helped me escape from moving to steal away for a few hours of Robert Pattinson. Loved it. The book was better, but geesh, who could've expected any movie made to top that novel? It depicted the book accurately enough for my peace of mind, so I can't complain. This "Twilight" lover is satisfied... until movie two is made.

Thanks a bundle Katie, Kayla, and Sandra for taking me to see the movie I'd been so anxious to experience. I owe you guys big time.

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