MRW Strikes Again

Friday, January 16, 2009
I woke up this morning, poured myself a bowl of generic Wheaties (yes, I'm the stingy type like that), started to eat and, wow, my entire jaw was almost too sore to chew. I had to poke at my cheeks a few times to make sure I still had all my teeth in there. Took me half my breakfast-thinking time to realize I'd just experienced another MRW Meeting.

Last night, the Midwest Romance Writers struck again. I attended their monthly meeting and spent the entire time talking, laughing, eating, and talking some more. For a person that works in front of a computer all day, then goes home to write, read, watch TV, or take my solitary-peaceful walk (if you can't tell, none of those activities require much speaking), you could say my jaws received the ultimate workout last night. I think I found a few new muscles in my face. It even hurts to smile!

But, wow, did I have a blast. And as usual, I learned so much about lots of stuff. I also learned how dangerous it is to say, well... just about anything in certain situations. Makes me wonder how a person can keep a blog at all. But fear not, I'll terry on with keeping you updated. It'll be interesting. In a few years, I'll be able to look back at all these posts, shake my head sadly and say, "I was such a newbie. What was I thinking?" But we'll at least have a record of all my steps in my fiction-writing career.

With that said and out of the way, I'm going to tick off my Monthly Nightstand List now. After last night, I won't give my opinions or a review on every title, but I still like logging down what I've read lately. And though, I won't single any certain book out, I've got to say, I enjoyed them all. My hats are tipped in respect to these talented authors.

My January Nightstand List
  1. To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt (Historical Romance - No. 2 in the Legend of the Four Soldiers)
  2. Kiss and Tell by Suzanne Brockmann (Contemporary Romance - No. 1 in the Sunrise Key Books)
  3. Family Stories by Tessa McDermid (Contemporary Romance - No. 8 in Harlequin Everlasting Love)
  4. Take No Prisoners by Cindy Gerard (Romantic Suspense - Black Ops Book No. 2)
  5. Whisper No Lies by Cindy Gerard (Romantic Suspense - Black Ops Book No. 3)
  6. Night Fall by Cherry Adair (Paranormal Romantic Suspense - T-Flac Book No. 12)
  7. Night Secrets by Cherry Adair (Paranormal Romantic Suspense - T-Flac Book No. 13)
  8. Night Shadows by Cherry Adair (Paranormal Romantic Suspense - T-Flac Book No. 14)
  9. When the Duke Returns by Eloisa James (Historical Romance - No. 3 in the Desperate Duchesses Series)
  10. The Pagan Stone by Nora Roberts (Contemporary Paranormal Romance - No. 3 in the Sign of Seven Trilogy)

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