Baby Update

Thursday, August 13, 2009
I'm heartily endeavoring not to talk about the whole pregnancy thing in every post. But sometimes I just can't help it (sorry...yet not quite sorry enough to shut up about it already).

Anyway, I had another doctor's appointment today, and everything is going good. Yay! We're thirteen weeks along, so I'm finishing up my first trimester. The second is supposed to be the easiest, though the first wasn't that hard at all now that it's all said and done. Baby's heartbeat is 140 beats per minute (it sounded so beautiful too. Sigh), which I'm told is perfectly normal. And I'm happy to brag I've only gained one pound since last month--astonishing to learn after all the food I've been snarfing down lately. Of course, the doctor seemed almost too happy to inform me I'd be gaining more--lots more--from here on out.

If everyone cooperates (that's you in there I'm talking to, Kiddo), I should be able to learn a gender in October and finally be able to talk in terms of Him or Her. We'll see.

And now, in other news, you might've noticed I've done a little remodeling around here. I've given my whole website a face lift. It matches my book cover a little better and seems to brighten things up a bit. So, if you're bored or the curious type, you can check out my home page at to see what all is new.

I'll be back tomorrow with a special (non-baby) post. Yeah, you heard right. Three posts in one week. I'm definitely feeling better these days.


  1. Congratulations Linda. I am so very happy for you. My advice? Eat A LOT! It's the only time you can get away with it. :) Don't know how you feel about awards but I gave you one over at my blog.

  2. Thanks for the award? Who doesn't like getting awards! And thanks for the baby advice too. I'm definitely taking that one already!! I swear, I've been eating enough for a baseball team.