You might be the parent of a one-year old if…

Thursday, February 10, 2011
10. You find oven mitts in the bathroom.

9. You’ve had to dig a lady bug out of your kid’s mouth.

8. You start stocking up on baby blankets because life as you know it will end if your kid loses the one she currently carries everywhere.

7. The remote control is constantly MIA.

6. New teeth are no longer cute; just painful. You have the marks on your shoulders to prove it.

5. All the trashcans in your house no longer sit on the floor but up on some high surface.

4. You consider yourself bi-lingual because baby-jabber is totally a second language you can understand (sometimes).

3. The most avid discussion of the day with your spouse is about bowl movements.

2. You begin to hum “head...shoulders, knees and toes” at work.

1. Your kid waves at dead people (see 1/19/2011 post).

I guess I must have a one-year old then!!

Happy birthday to my one-year old baby, Lydia Marie!!! You are beautiful inside and out, and I've cherished all 365 days I've gotten to be with you. Love you, goober.


  1. Aw, that's a lovely post, Linda. And your wee daughter is so cute! Enjoy every minute of her as they grow up so fast.

  2. I remember that post about waving at the dead lady. When I saw this last picture I cracked up. I think I'd love to have Lydia Marie see me off. :D

  3. Cute - - Congrats on the 1 year celebration!

  4. This is so sweet. And Lydia is so cute.
    BTW...I think baby jabber and canine have much in common :)

  5. She is gorgeous and beautiful! HB Lydia!!!

    Make sure you rotate the blankets to her. She has to "smell" them all up equally. If she has one with a particular scent and then loses it, a new one will look the same but not have the same feel and scent. :O)

  6. She's gorgeous! And has good taste in books. ; ) We celebrated my son's 13th birthday yesterday and my mom's birthday today!

    LOVE the monkey pjs. Happy birthday to you, Lydia!

  7. Oh, she is such a beauty! Happy birthday to her!!

  8. Do you have baby locks on all kitchen cabinet doors, or is your Tupperware/pots and pans regularly strewn across the floor???

    Happy birthday Ms Lydia!!!!!