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Monday, May 30, 2011

Linda Kage: Today we're here with Kate Hamilton. Hi, Kate. Why don't you tell us a little about your background?

Kate: I am at present living in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have lived in may different parts of the world, including the Far East. I studied American Literature as part of an M.A. at the University of Aberdeen.

Kage: Who are your favourite authors?

Kate: I am widely read as part of my ambition as a writer. I think you do have to read a great many books to learn the craft of writing. So it is hard to come up with just a few. But if pushed to say then Edith Wharton would come near the top.

I love to laugh so P.G.Wodehouse is the man to reach for. Jerome K. Jerome makes me laugh too. The funniest book I ever read was "Cold Comfort Farm" Barbara Cartland always reduces me to tears - there's some poignancy to her stories that touches my heart. The greatest is Tolstoy, followed closely by Thomas Mann and Charles Dickens. But this list is not comprehensive.

Kage:What about your writing?

Kate:My first book was a serious melodrama where the heroine spent most of the time screaming. This was an easy dialogue. I was 8 or 9. During my teens I had work in the school magazine/read out in class. I have kept a diary for a long time. I decided to become serious 5 years ago. Blood Line is my 6th novel.

Blood Line is a classic Gothic comedy romance. Much as the heroine in Jane Austen's "Northanger Abbey" suffers from teen angst and a seriously overactive imagination so the spunky Lauren MacBreach avoids dire danger on the way to the altar. Her guardian angel, Cidriel, is fortunately there to help her on the way. She is his first case and he comes very close to falling for her himself. However he bravely susses out the right(eous) course of action and all ends well, if rather unexpectedly. You are kept guessing right up to the end of the book.

Kage: Here are some reviews for BLOOD LINE

'Kate Hamilton keeps you guessing on this one up till the final paragraphs. I don't want to give anything away, but I think you'll find the ending quite satisfying. I know I did. Until you reach it you'll be kept turning pages by Hamilton's excellent storytelling skills and her ability to continually draw you deeper into the story. I read the story through in two evenings as I did not want to put it down. When it was over I enjoyed the glow that comes from experiencing a tale well told and a romance that was exactly that, something that made your heart pound with excitement and joy. It was a wonderful experience.' Tracy Riva.

'BLOOD LINE is a clever premise. Although it's intended as a young adult novel, it is also interesting to adults. Certainly I enjoyed it. This is by far the most unusual romance since "Sleepless in Seattle." BLOOD LINE held my interest and kept me turning the pages until I reached the end.'
Carolyn Smith

'This book has some interesting twists and turns, definitely taking the reader to unexpected places! I also loved the use of humor throughout....not in-your-face humor, but subtle humor.'

'The characters are one of the strongest points of the book. Hamilton has an incredible sense of character voice and behavior that allows Lauren and Cid to jump off the page. I adored Cidriel and often found myself eagerly awaiting his next appearance. In addition to that, the book is rich with Scottish culture and custom, bringing the setting to life. As Lauren explores the castle of Tomindoul and the surrounding villages and islands, the reader feels as though they are following every winding staircase and corridor along with her.' Jennifer Rainey

Kage:Kate, Thank you so much for stopping by today and gracing us with your presence. Before we go, is there anything else you’d like to say to wrap things up?

Kate: I would like to thank Linda for having me today and hope you will all enjoy reading BLOOD LINE which is available at Amazon. KATE HAMILTON


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