It All less than a month

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
I just can't believe the last Harry Potter movie of the last book is about to release in less than a month--July 15!!!. So exciting. Yet sadly, it also feels like the end of an era.

For all us HPers (like me), who stood in huge long lines at midnight waiting to buy the stories or get into the feature presentation, this will be our last opportunity to join the great JK Rowling sensation.

After that, all we'll have are memories to tell our grandchildren...I remember when I waited three hours and had to pee behind a video deposit box to get a copy of...

Okay, that never actually happened to me, but it'd make a great story, huh? I actually only waited in a midnight line for the last book and the fifth movie (in iMAX!). In the book-waiting line, my nephew came with my sister and I and dressed up as Harry. He made a great imitation if I do say so myself.

Good times, good times.

Were you ever sucked into a pop sensation? Star Wars? Twilight? Tickle-me-Elmo? New Kids on the Block? Hey, I was only a first grader--though Donny was my fav!

What's a crazy fan story you have?


  1. No crazy fan stories here. ;-) However, my sister ADORES Harry Potter so I guess she'll be feeling the pain too. I can't help wonder what the next Big Book will be...

  2. Wow. This trailer is just … wow. I can’t even deal with how good this final Harry Potter film will be … I just know it … this final film will ruin me. As excited as I am to see this film, I am so not ready just yet … I’M GONNA BE AN ABSOLUTE MESS!!! This trailer is just to die for. I love and hate it all at the same time. Love it because the final book has come to life before my very eyes. Hate it because it truly is the end of Harry Potter … forever.

  3. That's exactly what I wonder, Jessica. So what's next??

    Hey LES! Know exactly what you mean, the trailer gives me chills. The first part of the last movie was by far my favorite, so I'm glad it's at least going out with a bang. I heard the second part has a LOT of action.

  4. Star Wars was a biggie for me and tons of movies from the 80's. I don't get out as much as I used to.... :O(

  5. No fan stories that are TOO crazy :)

  6. Star Wars, Twilight, Harry Potter love them all. I even liked the movie I am number 4.

  7. Yup...wrote my own ending to Star Wars; got it completely wrong, lol:)

    Haven't seen Pt 1 yet; I really need to watch it. Also want to reread books 6 and 7. Maybe even 5.