Diane Estrella's Microfiction Muse Day

Wednesday, August 3, 2011
So last week, my daughter's picture was on Diane Estrella's blog for her MicroFiction Muse Wednesday. This week, I've joined the game.

Here are the rules: Come up with a micro story (140 characters or less) for the picture of the day and post both picture and story on your blog.

Well, here's the picture of the day:

And here's my story:

I swear it, Grandpa, two legs were sticking out from under the house. RIGHT HERE! And they wore ruby red slippers.

Maybe they’re under this grass. Dig, Grandpa, dig!


To read other MicroFiction Muse stories, you can go to Diane's That's What I'm Here For blog for all the connecting links!


  1. Brought me a smile and I can truly hear her enthusiasm in there! Awesome!!! :O)

  2. I love how you guys come up with such witty stories for the pics! Very cute. That's your daughter? She's getting SO big!

  3. She should have grabbed those ruby slippers before they vanished! Even after 75 years, that wicked witch of the east keeps showing up--she's incorrigible.

  4. Of course! That is exactly what this photo represents. Perfect!

  5. Thanks everyone! That's not my daughter; her picture was up the week before this, but I'd sure claim this cutie if no one else wanted her!!!

    Linda K