Happy Release Day

Monday, September 19, 2011

I've been following her blog since late 2010, and have been honored to watch her go from unpublished to published!

Today, her FIRST story, Fated Mates, released from Secret Cravings Publishing. When I purchased my copy to read, I noticed she's already number four on the publisher site's bestseller list, WOOT!!

I think her story is an erotic sci fi romance. For a blurb and excerpt plus a chance to win a free copy, head over to her blog and leave her a "happy release day" comment!

I'm so happy for her.

In my own life, things are and aren't quite as exciting. I was offered a contract for two books since complaining about waiting for a submission responses last week, YAY!! One story I was super excited about finally selling (my second young adult book). But I'll talk about those more later...probably way later.

Then I received a ho-hum review from The Romance Reviews for How to Resist Prince Charming. The reviewer had good things to say and bad things to say. Usually, I can learn something good from the negative comments, but I don't know how to change disjointed pacing and disconnection for a reader. Sounds almost like a subjective thing, where another person might not feel the same way. Oh, well. Can't win over everyone.

On the other hand, I received a GLOWING review on Goodreads for my story, Delinquent Daddy. So, it all evens out. And that's my Monday updates!!

Happy Monday to all. Hope you have a good week.


  1. I don't like bad reviews. So depressing.

    Congrats on the two contracts and of course congrats to Marie. I'm waiting for my copy now!


  2. Congrats on all the good stuff. And just shoo that ho-hum review out the door and tell it to go play in traffic.

  3. Good Wishes to Marie and good wishes on your contracts. As for the ho-hum review, you are a survivor. Survive this and tomorrow the sun will be shining. Bright and beautiful.

  4. Thank you, thank you, everyone. You all are wonderful.

    It wasn't that awful of a review. She had some lovely things to say as well. I'll definitely survive it.

    Linda Kage

  5. You are very welcome Linda! I'm always honest when it comes to rating a book. I LOVE Delinquent Daddy & it deserved the "glowing" review / 5 stars.
    _yay_ @ BookthatThing!

  6. Thanks Linda. Congrats on the two new contracts you writing machine. As long as you don't take it personally when the reviews are ho-hum. Easier said than done, I'll probably be a corner rocking when the time comes!

  7. No, you can't please everyone out there. AS long as you know you've done your best, there isn't much more you can do but let those ho-hum reviews just roll off your back. (Easier said than done, I'm sure. )