When Everything Else Gets in the Way of Blogging

Friday, May 31, 2013
I've been a very bad girl concerning my poor blog lately. I've barely had the time to post once a week. And have visited other bloggers even less.  I'm hoping in July I'll get better about all that because I won't be working on editing four manuscripts at once by then.

But seriously, it takes a lot out of you to go through four different stories simultaneously. As soon as I finish re-reading one, I pretty must just start on the next. For the stories I'm self-publishing, I told myself I'd be done editing once I went through the story and found less than ten things to correct. But I keep finding WAY more than ten corrections each time I read through each one.  I'm beginning to fear I'll never reach the less than ten mark. So...maybe I'll just keep going through them until they're all published!

For all you self-published authors out there: how many times do you go through your story before you call it completed?

In the creating-new-stuff end of my writing life, I'm trying to come up with a title for my teacher/student story but every time I think up something, I check Goodreads to discover there are at least a dozen out there with that same title already, which means "Making the Grade", "Hot for Teacher", "Teacher's Pet", "Teach Me", and "Teach Me to Love" are not going to work. I wondered about "Teach Me, Love Me," but I'm still not sold on it. I would like something original but clear about it being a romance story a student hooking up with a teacher.

The professor will be a literature teacher, but I'm coming up blank for any good literature titles too. I though maybe I could play off some classic literature title, like make it "To Love a Teacher" from "To Kill a Mockingbird", or "The Grapes of Scandal" (meh), but yeah, I'm not loving the things I think up. Oh well, maybe something will come later.

Oh, the struggles of creating a good title.

It's been raining a lot here. I had to detour down a muddy, washed-out, low maintenance dirt road to get to work this morning. The road where I live has a "road closed" sign on it which is the first time I've seen anyone do that. And we're supposed to be getting more rain today.  Bluck!

The kiddo is learning storm protocol very well. Now, whenever you even mention rain, she starts talking about the electricity going out and having to go down into the basement, then she asks to check the weather radar on the iPad. It's kind of cute to listen to her sound like she knows exactly what she's talking about. But I also worry we're teaching her to freak out every time the sky gets cloudy. Either way, I'll be happier when tornado season is over.

And that's all I have to talk about today. I hope you all are doing okay and staying out of trouble!  Have a good weekend!


  1. Hi Linda! What about a play on the title "To Sir With Love"? And don't forget, titles are not copyrighted, so you can call it whatever you like.

    Edit ONLY 10 times! I wish.

  2. Oooh! I love that. To Professor with Love. Yes! I just read in an article that shorter titled works sell better than Longer titled stories. So now I wonder how many words make up a "long" title!!

  3. "To Kiss or Not to Kiss" is the only things that comes to me. Whatever you choose, I know the book will be great :)

  4. Maybe something like "Instructed in Love"? Or "Faculty Relations"?