Edits, Awards, and Reviews!

Monday, March 31, 2014

A couple announcements from the Linda Kage writing center:

The first round of edits for both To Professor, with Love AND Loving Lies have been completed.  To Professor is off to the proofreader, and Loving Lies is going through rewrites.

I haven't even received a form yet to fill out cover ideas for the publishers of Loving Lies to make a cover, so yeah, I have no clue what that cover will look like!  But I've always enjoyed surprises! So we'll all be surprised together. :)

I posted this picture a couple weeks ago on my Facebook page, but haven't yet shared it on my blog. 

I was super excited and completely shocked to receive this little award here in the mail.  I entered the Epic contest last June and had kind of forgotten about it until October when I learned I was a finalist in the Young Adult division for my story The Color of Grace.  I'd been a finalist before because I'd never won anything.  So, it was so amazing to get this!  Miss Lydia decided it would look best in her room, so she put it on one of her shelves!  Love that kid.

In a week or so when I get the proofs back for To Professor, with Love I believe I'll start bugging a few reviewers to see if anyone would like to read it for reviews.  So if you know any reviewers who would be interested in getting some ARCs, now's the time to let me know!

In other news...okay, I have no other news! I'm fairly boring lately. Hope everyone has a lovely week! Chat more later.


  1. Yay! That is so awesome. I love when life takes you by surprise, but in a good way.