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Monday, June 23, 2008
I'm totally in love with my Microsoft Word program. Not only does it catch the obvious spelling errors and some of the grammatical mistakes I make, but I've almost worn out my thesaurus feature already. And the word dictionary is incredibly handy when suddenly I can't remember the different definitions for compliment and complement. Then, if I need to throw out all the unneeded "thats" and "ups" and "outs", the find box becomes my best friend. Can't say that I mind it pointing out all my passive voice sentences and split infinities either. To add onto all that, this past week, a member in my critique group pointed out how Word can tell me my level of readability too. Very neat.

I know the program doesn't catch all mistakes and I still have to go over my manuscript, like, a hundred times, but I'd say writing this way is infinitely better than pounding out my stories on one of those... what're they called again? Oh, right. Typewriters. Nope, I don't mind living in the spoiled age at all.

Now, if only Microsoft could repel computer viruses like I've heard Macintosh does, then life would be perfect. Or is that only a myth?

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