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Monday, August 4, 2008
Duchess By Night by Eloisa James (Historical Romance). James has a wonderful, unique style. I became addicted to her stories after reading Much Ado About You. You can really tell she's a history professor too because there's such a rich level of historical tidbits. But the woman knows how to make them entertaining .

The Wedding Dual by Karen L. King (Historical Romance). King is in my MARA writing group so I wanted to read her work. Now I need to read all her stories because they're that good.

Chasing Charlie by Kathy Carmichael (Contemporary Romance). I was directed to Carmichael's website because she has great tips on writing a synopsis. But after reading her synopsis for Chasing Charlie, I had to read it myself. What a fun, light story. Reading a Carmichael is a good way to sit back and relax.

Into the Fire by Suzanne Brockmann (Romantic Suspence). Reading this story is not relaxing, however. Talk about stressful. Brockmann sure knows how to pack in the tension. Wow. I'm amazed. There were actually three romance stories going on in this book, but only one was resolved. I can't wait to read Dark of Night coming out in 2009 to see who stars in her next Troubleshooters book.

Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione (Paranormal Romace). Paranomral Erotica I think it more like it. But golly, there were some vivid intimate scenes in this book. Good, though. I really like the world she created. I wouldn't mind meeting a few of these demons in a dark alley.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (YA Paranormal Romance). Finally, I get to talk about the Twilight Saga. Twilight is Book One in the series and I just love it. It's a great coming of age book for teen girls and has enough romance to keep me reading. But it's also got some eerie paranormal mystery that keeps you wanting to know what's going to happen. There's some good action too. Great way to start a series.

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer (YA Paranormal Romance). Book Two in the Twilight Saga. To me, this book was very emotional. I think I cried through most of it. But when Edward left Bella, my heart broke with her. Though she doesn't focus on how much his absence hurts her, you can feel it in everything she does and thinks. Very dramatic. But has a happy ending. I loved it.

Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer (YA Paranormal Romance). This is my least favorite book in the Twilight Saga. In the third story, our heroine realizes Edward isn't the only guy she loves. Even though I understand why she feels what she does and it makes perfect sense, it seems to take away from that oh-so powerful thing she had with Edward. He's so understanding too, I just felt frustrated because it happened to all three of them (Bella, Edward, and Jacob). But I still liked the story. It was still very powerful. Weird, huh?

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer (YA Paranormal Romance). Fourth book in the Twilight Saga. I loved it... I even like when they jumped from Bella's perspective to Jacob's. And I'm so happy he got the ending he did. I felt bad for him after the last three books, but I loved everything about this finale. The twist with Nessie was even totally awesome. I never thought she'd be making an appearance. In my opinion, the Twilight books had a more satisfying end than the Harry Potter books. There're just so good.

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