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Friday, November 14, 2008
When you're talking with someone about your spouse or significant other, the most common question to come up, I think, is, "So, how did you meet?"

In the writing world, when you're talking about your book, the big question is, "So, tell us about THE CALL." The Call is when a publisher calls you up and says those magical words, "I want to buy your book," or "I'd like to contract your story."

Well, I can now answer the most-commonly asked author question. I received The Call. There's still so much dazed euphoria, it just feels... unreal. But I'll tell the short, yet fabulous (for me) story anyway.

My call came in e-mail format from The Wild Rose Press ePublisher with an attached contract, ready for my signature, for the selling rights of my story, The Stillburrow Crush, to be put into the Climbing Roses (Young Adult) Line of their publication. The End. Euphoria complete (see previous blog).

So, I say, whenever I settle details and things begin to feel real, we're all going to celebrate by finally having a contest on my website. Be on the look out for prize drawings.

More updates later.

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