Pregnant, Smoking Nuns

Monday, November 3, 2008
True story. Well.... okay, I heard it second--maybe third--hand, so I'm not sure how accurate the details are, but it still bears repeating. There was an automobile accident in my county this last Friday evening. A deputy for the sheriff's department was one of the first to reach the scene. When the officer arrived, he found that one party in the accident was a pregnant nun who stood anxiously sucking down a cigarette.

Now, I'm not sure what did not click in his brain... the fact that she was a pregnant nun, that she was pregnant and smoking, or that she was a nun and smoking (I'm not up with my catholic rules, but I'd think not a lot of nuns light up), but obviously nothing there seemed to remind him it was October 31st because he hurried to her and blurted out, "Sister, are you okay?" She must've been fairly okay because with his next question, he asked, "How far along are you?"

Hmm... It took her lifting her shirt far enough to show him she had stuffing on under there to convince him she was merely on her way to a Halloween party.

All I gotta say is, wow, what a great, convincing costume. I so have to put that scene in a book someday.

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