Kid or snack?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
I've been fairly boring lately. Only been eating, sleeping, and going to work. So I haven't had any inspirational ideas for an awesome blog in quite a while (okay, I did interview the hero of my story yesterday. It was awesome, but you'll have to wait till February or so to read that). I fear I'm going to exhaust everyone with baby talk for about, oh, seven more months.

If I'd had any good dreams while doing all that sleeping, I might be able to share, but nope. And who wants to hear about my work? "I ordered fifty books today, and three boxes came in yesterday..." Interesting? Oh, sure, of course (snort). But, let's not go there either.

And food? Well, there's been lots of that. I could probably talk on about food. It seems if I start feeling puny, I can eat to feel better. Doesn't even matter what I eat. As long as something's going in, I'm okay. I was worried when I went into my checkup that I would've gained, like, ten pounds. But, hallelujah, I'd actually lost a pound. Yay. We'll thank my mother for that. She shows up on my doorstep every few days with a load of fruits and veggies. "Healthy food for a healthy baby," she'll say. So, at least I'm not stuffing potato chips and french fries down my gullet twenty-four seven.

Wow, I guess I could talk on about food, huh? And speaking of food, I've been going onto to check how big the baby's getting. Last week, the website informed me, my child was the size of a grape. This week... the size of a kumquat (yeah, I had to look that one up. It's food too, by the way). Next week, she/he will be the size of a fig and then we're going on to medium-sized shrimp. Not only are these comparisons making me even hungrier, but I gotta wonder... am I growing a kid in there or a tasty snack?!

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  1. LOL- sounds like you're doing about normal for a pregnant woman... If eating helps you feel better- then keep eating girl- the baby needs it!