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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Okay, who's luckier than me and got to go see Harry Potter last night at the midnight showing? I'm taking off work tomorrow; my husband and I plan to see the movie after a doctor's appointment. Hubby's worried Hagrid won't be in movie six because he didn't see the big guy in any of the trailers. I've been trying to read The Half Blood Prince again to remember everything that happened, but I haven't gotten very far and can't recall how pivotal a role Hagrid had. He's got to be in the movie, though, his name's on the credit list at IMDb.

Our eight-year wedding anniversary was yesterday. Yay! We're dividing the celebration into two nights: tonight with supper at Red Lobster and tomorrow with the movie. I've named this year as the "easy" eight. Next year, with a baby being born and our new house being over a year old (appliances and other gadgets will start breaking by then, I'm sure), I'm already calling it "hard" nine. But, oh, well. It'll be a challenge.

I don't have any news to disclose on the book topic. My first novel is still coming out in February. And I'm still playing wait, wait, wait to hear back from editors on other submitted works. So, it's all pretty typical there.

Now, I think I'll scoot along before I bore you too much more. Have a great day. Enjoy the warm weather and try not to stampede anyone when you go see Harry Potter.


  1. Easy eight... congrats!! Hopefully it will be nifty nine...

    I'm hoping to see the movie this weekend... I hear the ending isn't satisfactory unless you've read the next book... :(

    I am still going I luv Harry Potter!

  2. A nifty nine would be nice. Thanks.

    And I'd say you're right about needing to read the book. My husband's strictly a HP movie-watcher and he wasn't as impressed as I was. Since I've read book 7, I thought it was a good set up for the next story.

  3. Great review! I have an award for you on my blog. Check it out when you have a chance!