Honest Scrap Award

Monday, January 11, 2010
Way back in November, I won the "Honest Scrap Award" from Tricia J. O'Brien at her blog, Talespinning (by the way, thank you so much for thinking of me, Tricia).

The rules of winning this award went a little something like : Give ten honest pieces of information about yourself, then pass the award on to ten more people to do that same. Well, who really follows the rules anymore??

I think I'll give my ten honest tidbits, and then as Simone from The Romantic Query Letter and the Happily Ever After Blog so eloquently put it, I'll only pass on "by consent." So, if anyone is willing to play, I will gladly bestow this treasure upon you!! Just let me know.

And now for my brutal truths:

1. I've never been to the ocean...any ocean.

2. My first memory comes from my fifth birthday. The Schawns Ice Cream man stopped by our house, and as I was following him into the garage, where he loaded our chest freezer with untold delights, I announced, "Today's my birthday." When he asked how old I was, I held up a full hand and said, "Five." (I know, exciting first memory huh? Makes me hungry for some Rocky Road, though.)

3. I tried my first alcoholic beverage when I was nineteen. My twenty-one-year old (then) boyfriend (now husband) bought me some wine coolers because I was curious about how they tasted.

4. All my school mascots, starting from Kindergarten and going through college, have been... Eagles, Lancers, Red Devils, and Gorillas.

5. My first car (bought exclusively for me; not just something I borrowed from someone else to drive) was a 1988, brown Oldsmobile Cutless Supreme. Bought for $750, it had cruise control (which didn't work), electric seats (also did not work), windows (diddo), and locks....and lasted about two months before breathing its last.

6. I finished writing my first full manuscript when I was sixteen. It was about 115,000 words long, titled "The Tangled Web," and was a romantic suspense, which is currently hidden in the furthest depths of my closet, never to see the light of day again (yeah, it was that bad).

7. I played the nativity scene's Mary in Kindergarten for my school's Christmas play (my one and only acting gig).

8. I was raised in the Church of the Brethren, but converted to Lutheran (WELS, then Missouri Synod) when I met my husband.

9. My first baby is due to be born in exactly one month and six days from today.

10. My husband's birthday was four days ago, and I still haven't gotten him a present yet (VBG).

Those are my truths, or whatever you want to call them. If anyone else would like to confess some honest scraps of info about yourself, let me know...I'll gladly pass the award along.

Finally, I'd like to thank the lovely blogger, Natalie Bahm, for passing along this beautiful bouquet of virtual flowers to me at the end of December. This is yet another blog award, called "From Me to You." Thank you so much, Natalie. I'm honored.

And that's all I have to report today! Toodles.


  1. Linda, congrats on the awards and what a great first memory. Yumm!

  2. Thank you, Eileen! You know, I've been wondering, you think that was my first memory because it involves food?? Hmm.

  3. It was fun to learn more about you, Linda! Seriously, a gorilla was one of your mascots? That image makes me smile :)

  4. Hey, to write 115,000 words at sixteen is a huge accomplishment. I think it shows your dedication. Thanks for sharing. And how exciting to be getting so close to your baby's arrival!

  5. Cindy - Oh, yes. Gus the Gorilla is legendary in these parts.

    Tricia - Thank you. I'm very excited about this baby!

  6. You still haven't gotten the POOR GUY a present?? *are you in the doghouse?* :-)

    And I grew up on the ocean. But you will travel there one day, I'm sure of that.

    Congrats on the well-deserved awards. :-)

  7. I can't believe you haven't been to the ocean! I hope you get to go someday. :-) It's so beautiful and amazing.
    Wow, one more month... Hope you're ready! :-)

  8. Hi Linda, thanks for sharing these fun notes.
    I hope you get to see an ocean sometime soon. :)
    congrats- only one month to go!! cheers~

  9. One month and six days! Cool! Nice to read these.

  10. Robyn, I think the hubby feels guilty about everything he got for Christmas, so he's not too worried about his birthday yet.

    And, I know, I know. No ocean? Crazy, huh.

    After only one baby shower, my baby already has over 30 new outfits, and 12 blankets, not to mention 10 recieving blankets. She'll be well swaddled! And I still have at least 2 showers to go.

  11. Loved getting to know more about you, Linda! And congrats on the awards!! My husband has a birthday in early January too. And I always have a hard time getting him a gift. It's just too close to Christmas to think of something ELSE to buy!! (At least that's my excuse!)

  12. Just think...this year you guys will have to get each other Mother's and Father's day gifts too. :)

  13. Felicitations my dear.
    I love being a trendsetter and would even offer to take a nomination but I'm not able to just now for two of my other blog friends just this past week gave me this very award.
    Warm regards my dear,

  14. Love the questions answers! i'm a follower now!

  15. Jody - I know exactly what you mean. But I talked to the hubby last night and he gave me a WHOLE list of things he'd take, so...I guess I won't have to think about it too much.

    Heather - Wow. My first Mother's Day. That just way weird, but exciting.

    Simone - Congrats on the award. Can't wait to check out your honest info!

    And Cindy - Thank you, thank you. I was honored to be mentioned on your blog the other day! And I haven't fogotten what I'm supposed to send you...as soon as I get my hands on a copy!!

  16. I love these kind of meme's - very fun. You must get to the beach. Nothing prepares you for the sound and immensity of it. Though I live by only mountains now...and they are gorgeous and amazing as well. Each part of the world has its own to offer.

    And - my dad belonged to The Church of the Bretheren (he's passed on now). Don't know much about it but it seemed to bring him joy.

  17. Congratulations on your award. I enjoyed learning more about you and loved your first memory. When I was a kid our milk man always remembered our birthdays and left us a quart of chocolate milk.

    Your baby girl is going to be one well-dressed cutie!

  18. Oh, my gosh! NO Ocean?! You have to come visit me then. :)

    My first car was a Cutless Supreme, too! Only I think mine was a 80 or 81. It needed new shocks, too. I spent way more than you. Like $3000. It was a boat. I had it for only a few months.

  19. So you are expecting??? Congratulations!!! Do you know if it's a boy or a girl? Is it your first?

  20. Hi Tess - I agree. I simply must get to a beach someday. And my dad's side's been in the Church of the Brethren for generations. It's neat to follow the family tree and see how many of them were preachers.

    Linda - Thanks. Chocolate milk sounds good. What a considerate milk man.

    Jennifer - God bless the Cutless, huh?

    Sherrinda - Yep, this is my first baby. It's a girl. I gush about her constantly. In fact if you go down the blog page to January 4th, you can click on the "Baby Updates" label and follow my entire pregnancy!