RWA Golden Heart Finalists

Friday, July 30, 2010
I'm crossing my fingers for TWO people who are Golden Heart Finalists in Romance Writers of America's 2010 annual contest. These fellow MRW members of mine just might become winners in tomorrow's Award Ceremony.

Heather Snow is a finalist in the Regency Historical Romance category for her story, SWEET ENEMY.


Elisabeth Burke is a finalist in the Historical Romance category for her manuscript, THE HEALER.

I'm so happy for them. They're both wonderful people and talented authors, so cross your fingers with me.

Good luck Heather and Elisabeth!!!


  1. YAY! Good luck ladies!!! *crossing fingers*

    Although...I can think of someone I wish was a finalist. Can you, Linda? But you're the winner in my heart. *hugs*

    How's our sweetheart? Give her lots of hugs and kisses from all your blogger buds.

  2. Good luck to them. I am looking forward to hearing the finalists, I am rooting for someone too :)