Happy News Friday

Friday, January 21, 2011
I don't know about you guys, but I definitely have some happy news to share. I sold two books!!!

In February of 2012, THE RIGHT TO REMAIN MINE will be available at Champagne Books and (I'm pretty sure) some time in 2011 A MAN FOR MIA will be released from Black Lyon Publishing. Below are a couple blurbs to tell you more about both stories if you're curious at all!!

But first, tell me your good news for today.


Black Lyon Publishing
A Man for Mia
Sweet Adult Romance

(Or as my mom would say, "Thank goodness this one doesn't have any sex in it")
Black Lyon Publishing, LLC.
Available : 2011
In Ebook and Print

When Drew Harper catches his sister storming from her house with a loaded gun and murder in her eyes, he follows her to 410 South Elm Street, where she suspects her husband's mistress might live.

Who they find in residence is Mia Stallone.

Plagued with survivor’s guilt, Mia fully believes it’d be a crime to feel happiness again…until she meets Drew, a stranger who appears in her yard, asking about the house for sale next door. He ignites a spark of hope in her, and she begins to wonder if living a little won’t kill her after all.


The Right to Remain Mine
The Right to Remain Mine
Contemporary Adult Romance
Champagne Books
Available : February 2012
In Ebook & later in print
*Sexually Explicit Scenes and Language

You have the right to remain cherished. Anything you read or scream out in ecstasy can and will be used against you in the bedroom of Willow DeVane. You have the right to enjoy a big, sexy cop. If you can’t find your own, one by the name of Raith Malloy will be provided for you to enjoy and explore thoroughly within these pages.

Tempers flare from the first moment divorce lawyer Willow DeVane crosses paths with sheriff deputy Raith Malloy. Both too stubborn and controlling for their own good, Willow and Raith butt heads until anger turns to passion, and they begin an affair despite their brewing hostilities. But more than one force works against them when they learn Willow’s being targeted by a dangerous stalker.



  1. Congrats! That is good news for you. My good new is that I didn't have to wade through the snow today to get to work. Snow day!

  2. God Bless Snow Days. I had one yesterday. Of course, today it's back to work to make up for everything I didn't do yesterday. Ugg!!

  3. OMG, Linda! That is fantastic! You are a powerhouse!

    Hooray for you!

  4. Many congratulations, Linda! You've just inspired me to get on with submitting one of my children's novels that's finished

  5. You're cranking them out like a machine. Great job!!! :O)

  6. Very good news ... and a perfect way to begin the year. Congratulations!

  7. ...apparently I've discovered your blog on the perfect day. Many congrats to the selling of your work:)


  8. And you were afraid you'd never write after L was born....Congrats sweetie:)

  9. GREAT news!!! Congrats, Linda!! I don't have any news yet. I'm hoping my the end of next week... *fingers crossed*