Things that make you go AHH

Thursday, January 27, 2011
  • Baby Hugs--slobber, snot, and all!

  • Royalty Checks

  • Typing “THE END”

  • Book Contract offers

  • Heated car seats

  • Good Reviews

  • Compliments

Okay, you know the drill. What makes you go AHH?


  1. This is fun.
    A bath at just the right temperature
    A good glass of pinot noir
    Backyard BBQ with friends
    Babies laughing
    Smoldering looks
    Great cups of coffee

  2. Impossibly blue skies
    Cool breezes
    Wind chimes
    Cat's stretching
    Extra soft pillows
    Food cooking you aren't making

  3. Oh yeah, all of the above--plus a good book with a happy ending, that first sip of that first cup of coffee of the morning, sunlight on my face, and snuggling with the family.

  4. Definitely all of the above! I have to say heated seats are the best! :)

  5. Yum, BBQ sound so good, yeah, as long as someone else is cooking it!

    So does a good book.

    Now I just want to curl up in a nice, heated blanket and read a good book while someone (perferably handsome and shirtless) feeds me.

  6. Getting to lay snuggled in bed with no distractions for that little bit extra of sleep.... ahhhhh! :O)

  7. OMG I love my heated car seats! :)

  8. Thank you guys! I'm over here going AHHH all over the place from your answers.