Do you want to share a towel too?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Want to know why I've become obsessed with PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, a teen hit series on ABCFamily?

Oh, well...besides all the murder, intrigue, forbidden romances, mounting mysteries, and fascinating plot twists, this little scene should pretty much sum it up for you!

"Do you want to share a towel too? "

Seriously. Best line EVER! I'm so glad they brought bad-boy Caleb into the series. I utterly heart him.

'Kay, my Linda Kage crazy fan moment is over...


  1. I agree with Amber :)
    Easy to become obsessed with this one!

  2. Hahahaahahaha. It made me smile alright! :O)

  3. Wow! I've never seen or heard of this series over here in the UK, but thanks for posting that, Linda. He is one gorgeous guy. And it's a cute scene.

  4. He is cute. I stopped watching last season. I might have to go back and start watching again.