Another Interview

Friday, February 24, 2012
Yeah, yeah, I've gone a little interview-and-guest-hopping happy lately.

This time Fallen Angels Reviews asked me a couple questions, and well, I answered them. Go figure!

So, I'm over there today. If you think there's any more to learn about me that you don't already know, feel free to pop in and check the place out.

Have a great Friday!!

PS: Update 7:30am on 2/24/2012 - Okay, so the interview isn't up yet. In fact, it doesn't look like they have their January interviews loaded either, so who knows when the February ones will be posted!

In other news I finished my WIP I was working on. I just love typing those two magical words, "THE END!" Makes me feel like I accomplished something big, which after 91,000 words, the story is one of the bigger ones I've ever written.

Now it's time to celebrate! What do you do when you finish writing a story?


  1. I couldn't find me either! That's kind of scary huh? They said it'd be up on the last Friday of the month. Maybe they meant next month!!! Oh well.

  2. Congrats on 'the end'. Let's hope the interview thing is just an oops moment. I hate when stuff like that happens.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Okay! Saturday at 5pm, the interview is up to read!

  4. I'm still in awe that you've finished 91,000 words!

  5. I liked your interview! :)
    CONGRATS on finishing! I love love love writing THE END.