Tornadoes Blow

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Well, this blows...literally.

I'm writing at midnight. We were all snuggled in bed when the storm came at about 10:45pm. Thunder, lightning, lots of wind and rain, spitting hail. Hubby turned on the TV to check the status. The TV signal was down, home phone line was down, Internet was down. After, the storm passed, we finally got the weather alert on our cell phones to warn us our county was under a tornado warning. We turned on the police scanner to hear a tornado had actually hit. Good to know after it was over, huh?

So while I sit here, listening to the scanner and hearing about lots of snapped telephone poles, trees down, and buildings down, the hubby is out there, helping to check on damage to all the neighbors. The storm has passed our area and moved on to the east. Our place is okay. I Texted my sister who lives near the path of the damage. Her house is standing, but she had lots of tree limbs down. Her early-twenty-something kids were driving home through it all, but besides being scared spitless, they made it home okay

On the scanner, they are talking about needing chainsaws to cut away trees that are over the road, which means there must not be too many human injuries, mostly some property damage, probably nothing of epic proportions. I can't really tell how bad anything was.

Meanwhile, the kiddo has croup and has been coughing all night, though strangely she slept quite peacefully through the storm. Kids!

So that's how my Wednesday has started. How are you guys doing? I should get some sleep; need to be up in a few hours to get ready for work...that is if my library didn't get hit.


  1. I'm glad the tornado missed you and really hope Lydia feels better soon! Hope you got at least a few hours of sleep. If you were writing, at midnight at least that means another Linda Kage book soon!!!!

  2. Turns out, I didn't have to go to work. The library really was kind of sort of hit. The university suffered some damage with some roofs off different buildings, but I don't know if the actual library was affected at all. It's probably out of power. All classes were canceled and only essential staff were to go to work. Closest any damage came ro my house was a mile north and three miles east.

  3. So glad you and your family are all okay. Scary.