Getting Ready for September

Monday, July 2, 2012
Happy July to you!

My book fan girl has been temporarily appeased.  *happy sigh*

I finished reading the two books I had been waiting for forever to come out.  And I must say, Thief of Shadows was exactly what I'd been anticipating and more! Usually, I build up a book in my head before it releases and I expect all kinds of awesome things. Then, here it is, and bluck, it isn't as good as I hoped it would be.  I'm so happy this book wasn't the case.  I just couldn't put it down and had to read one more hour (forget a mere one-more-chapter) until so many hours had passed, I found myself at the end.

It was the kind of experience I've always wanted a reader to have after opening one of my books.  *wistful sigh...yep, I'm quite the sigher today!*

I don't have much else to report except that my next book comes out in TWO months.  I've researched sixty different book bloggers who represent YA romance books and have personalized notes written and ready to send out to each blogger to set up a book tour for The Color of soon as I get a cover for it, which I hope and pray and wish comes before the end of July. Hopefully, at least half of those bloggers will be willing to host me on my tour.

I've really put a lot of work into setting up this tour, looking for the perfect bloggers to contact, writing up guest posts, pre-answering typical interview questions, setting up a headquarters page for tour hosts to visit and get their information, buying gifts just right for giveaway prizes. I'm nearly exhausted already and I haven't even started yet! But I'm still jazzed enough to say I totally can't wait until September; this is my favorite book I've written so far!

So that's my daily update. What big things are you preparing for?


  1. Woo-hoo! How exciting! You've been a busy, busy girl!

  2. Very good. Get those requests out to the bloggers. Many larger blogs are booked months in advance. I found that out the hard way.

    I'm preparing for my book launch next week. And I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.

  3. Sound awesome Linda!! Congrats on all of your upcoming fun and excitement:) Hope you get on the blogs you wanted.

  4. Wow...setting up things now...that's a good idea! I'm excited for you and your next book!

    Did you have a Happy July 4th? I'm waiting for the phone to ring...the call that will announce my parents and daughter arriving home from Orlando...they had quite the Disney World adventure!!