Tom Cruise Ruined my Book

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Remember back in 2005 when Tom went on the Oprah show and was so excited about his new relationship with Katie Holmes he stood up and jumped on the couch?

Yeah, I thought that was cool, sweet, romantic, and all that jazz too. So...I referenced it in one of my stories. In How to Resist Prince Charming, my hero has to keep his relationship with the heroine secret because her dad just might kill him if he found out. So I have a line that goes a little something like:

"Sometimes, he wished her father would find out about them already. He couldn’t stand this waiting for the other shoe to drop. Tired of keeping his feelings for her quiet, he was ready to go on the Oprah show and start jumping on some couches, for the love of God."

And now that line can no longer be quite so wonderful. And here I was so certain Tom and Katie would stay together forever. I mean, don't ALL Hollywood couples marry for life? Okay, I knew it wouldn't last, but couldn't they have at least had the courtesy to wait until my story was out of print before splitting? Geesh.

Damn you, Tom.

Yeah, I should probably make him share the blame with Katie since she's technically the one who filed, but it's just so much funner to blame him.

And that's enough of me being awful for the day, making fun of real people like they're characters in a movie. That must be the worst thing about being a celebrity: complete strangers making fun of every crisis in your life like it's no big deal. Makes me kind of glad I'm a nobody.

Well, this nobody is practically climbing the walls. I heard from the cover art director at Whiskey Creek Press and was told my book, The Color of Grace, has been assigned to a cover artist and I'd be hearing from her "shortly." Nine days later, and I'm still checking my email every ten seconds, hoping a cover or at least "word" about my cover will come in. Nothing yet.

I'm going crazy with impatience over here. It's making me do insane things, like rage at people I don't know for getting divorced.

But at least my edits are well under way for the story, which is helping to calm me down a little bit.

In less than two months, Grace will be here!!! I was excited about this story to begin with, but then my line editor had to go and tell me how much she liked reading it. And she didn't just say "oh, and I liked your story" like it was some kind of afterthought, she GUSHED, paragraph after paragraph, about all the different things she loved. To say the least, I'm over the moon with joy.

So...that's what's up with me. Have any famous celebrities totally ruined any of your books lately? :)


  1. ...the couch jumping incident was indeed an iconic, television moment. I'm guessing those days are now long gone, considering how Katie most likely took their couch with her when she left ;)


  2. Hollywood marriages don't's sad really. I'm sure your book will be fine. :o)

  3. We can always hope!

    BTW, Lydia is growing up to be a beautiful toddler:)

  4. That's hilarious!!! lol I feel bad for them but...she was so much younger than him that I'm not surprised if he did have control issues...or whatnot. Who knows? Divorce is usually sad and I just hope it works out. Don't worry, I think your line still works. :-)

  5. No shocker their marriage didn't last. Just think now people will read that line and think it's ironic, it won't ruin the book. Not that I thought it would in the first place! I'm sure you'll get word soon about the cover and great feedback from your editor! That always puts a smile on faces!!!

  6. So far no celebrity has ruined any of my books. I hope it stays that way! I hope you love your cover!