Happy March to you!

Friday, March 1, 2013
We had a snow day on Tuesday, so I was lazy and didn't post. Or get out to read other posts. Or change from my pajamas.

It was nice.

My kiddo has been talking nonstop lately about coloring Easter eggs. I have no idea how she found them on YouTube, but she's been watching videos of other people coloring eggs, psyching herself up even more. So I finally gave in and bought a dozen eggs on Wednesday after work. The instructions said to use cooled eggs, but she did NOT want to wait until the next day for the eggs to cool after they were boiled.

So, we set them in the refrigerator for an hour and then the fun began. She did pretty much every step by herself. And we didn't spill any green dye all over the table...until all the eggs had been colored. I even filmed her on my ipad, so she can watch herself coloring Easter eggs now.

I figure we'll have to go through this process a couple more times before Easter actually gets here.  What can I say? I spoil my child rotten!

My happy honeymoon phase after I finished my book last week is definitely over. Got initial responses back, and can you believe it, no one exclaimed, "I absolutely LOVE this! Send me the rest of the story right this second!"  I know, Boo Hiss!

They all did say they liked it, though, so that's a plus.  All comments in the not-so positive regard were over different things, so it's still up in the air what I'll actually change. Yes, my little excited balloon over completing the most awesome story ever has deflated. Now, I've sunk to "I'm the worst author ever," phase.

Really, what is it about writing that makes a person so bi-polar? Up one second, down the next. I'm just glad I'm not this way with the other areas of my life. The drama is a bit too much.

Anyway, my writing mood sank a little more when I started reading a story from one of my favorite authors yesterday and so many scenes from the book I'd just written were already in this book! Even some of the conversations between the hero and heroine were so similar it was uncanny. It's going to look like I copied. Ugh.  Either that, or we both wrote a bunch of cliched stuff...except my cliched stuff wasn't nearly as good as her cliched stuff.

I'm sooo ready for this phase to pass.

What's your least favorite part of writing?


  1. My least part of writing is when you feel like the book you've written is awesome and no one buys it! It's so depressing. I'm in that phase right now!!!

  2. My least favorite part is the search and destroy part for overused and weak words.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. That is too funny how your kiddo can find things on You Tube already!!

    I know. I need writing drugs too. The bi-polar is awful. LOL