Out of the Mouth of Lydia

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
There’s not much new to say about my writing today. I’m getting more feedback on my Price of a Kiss story and finally got an “OMG, I love it,” response, though I fear I might have accidentally brainwashed her into saying that from some of my earlier posts. Oh, well. I’ll take it!!

I also heard from someone from Omnific about my first New Adult story I wrote. I still don’t know if my original title will stick, so I can’t even give that out yet.  I know. I know. Phooey. But at least I know they haven’t forgotten about me. YAY!

So, since there isn’t much to discuss in my writing corner, I’ll just talk about my baby! I always have plenty to say there!

My three-year-old tickles me on a daily basis. Since she’s learned to talk, the things that come out of her mouth are a constant source of entertainment.

Thus, I will regale you with a few of her more humorous tidbits…you know, for all you authors who are writing stories about kids and need more inspiration on some of the things they say.


Funny Line #1 –

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is becoming one of her favorite stories, so I’m reading it to her one day and trying to put a little originality into it because after fifty times of it in a row, I’m NEEDING something a little new. We get to the part where Goldilocks is introduced and I say, “She had beautiful golden hair…just like Lydia.”

Lydia frowns at me. “My hair’s not golden. It’s blond.”

Funny Line # 2 –

One of my hubby’s favorite TV shows is Cops. You’d think he’d get sick of that kind of action since he deals with it in his job every day, but he still records it and watches it whenever he has free time (which is rarely).

In a rare moment of free time, he was watching an episode where an officer pulls over a truck whose bed was full of bulging black garbage bags. Since the suspect was a known drug dealer, the cop takes out a knife and sliced open one of the bags.  What do you know, there was a bunch of green leafy substances inside.

Well, Lydia is watching for some reason. She sees all the green and gasps in delight! “It’s a Christmas Tree!”

That is one Christmas Tree she better not ever inhale.

Funny Line #3

The kiddo is learning the name for certain upper female body parts, but she also calls the bra that holds those body parts up by the same name.

So, she was helping me with laundry the other day by pulling all the dirty clothes out of this mesh bag they were in and dropping them into the washing machine. But the clasp of one of my bras got stuck in the nylon mesh. She gets irritated and starts tugging before she yells, “Mama, your boob is stuck.”
And those are just a couple of things that have come out of the mouth of my three-year-old lately!