Swag Pens!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
I've been a little overwhelmed lately! But in a good, amazing, wonderful way.

Lots of people have been contacting me about book stuff. I know, isn't that awesome? I'm used to one person writing to me every couple of weeks (or months). But lately, that number has been bumped up to a couple people writing each day. I'm trying to respond to everyone but I keep fearing some have slipped between the cracks. I hope not. 

Anyway, I have a bad feeling I may need to become better organized!

I finally broke down yesterday and wrote out a list of all the prizes I agreed to supply to people for blog contests and the like. When the number topped twenty, I decided this was one list I probably shouldn't let the hubby see.

But I'm kind of excited to send out the paperback books I'm giving away, because I ordered personalized Linda Kage pens to ship with them.  Actually, they're so much cooler than mere pens.  They are actually stylus pens.  You can click once and have a pen to write on paper.  Then you click again and it becomes a stylus so you can use it as a touch screen pen.  I figured since my books are ebook that touchscreen pens would be a great tool for ebook readers. It's a start to my swag collection anyway!

If anyone needs a Linda Kage swag pen, let me know.  I should be getting them in next week! They're not the fanciest design in the world, but dude, it's a "stylus" pen!  It might just be me, but I think that's just too neat!

This is the second week for my Tasty Review Tour and the remaining stops are below:

Sept 11th - Craves the Angst
Sept 12th - Storm Goddess Book Reviews

Next week, I have the week off, and then we start all over again with a review tour at AToMR!  I thought October would be fairly quiet after that.  But then I learned my awesome publisher set up a tour for Fighting Fate at the end of October!

In between all this promo stuff, I've been trying to write book 2 for my Granton University series. It's not going as fast as book one did. But it's still going, which is lots better than not going at all! I'm at 36,000 words now. That's probably over a third of the way done but not quite half.

And that's about all I have to report today! How's your Tuesday going?


  1. Dude, a stylus pen! That is fancy! Haha, I'm easily impressed, but that sounds incredibly cool. Pens are actually one of my fave types of author/book swag, since they're so useful.

    Also, I'm so happy for you, re: reader mail and reviews and everything!! Good luck with the writing, as well. =)

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