Thanks to all the Voters!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Thank you to everyone who voted on my boy Logan for the Men of Omnific Smackdown!!  He actually made it to Round 2!!  I was so shocked, and happy.  So, yes definitely thank you!!  You're amazing. What's even better, I don't have to drag him through a Round 3 (since he lost in Round 2)!!  I've decided I'm not much into entering competitions like that. I always feel so pushy begging people for votes.

And more good news, I'm at 50,000 words on my book two for my Granton University series.  It's reached a sadder part of the plot, though, so hopefully I can keep plugging along.

I also have starts on a couple more stories that will turn Price of a Kiss into the first book in a series. I'm kind of excited about that!!! Okay, really excited. You'll never guess who stars in book two...probably because you haven't met them yet (man, aren't I evil?!)!

And for my birthday last week, my wonderful, amazing husband got me a photo editing program.  I've been trying my hand at creating books covers.  And I'm totally addicted.  Once I get my next self-published story finished, I may have you all help me pick out which cover I should use. Would that be something you'd like to do?

On the home front, my little Pre-schooler is not getting enough sleep. Her nap time, falls during the hours she's now in school. So every day when I pick her up, she's crabby and demanding.  Then she takes a huge, long nap late into the evening and wants to stay up later at night because she's all rested up by then. What's worse, I have to go into work earlier these days because I adjusted my times so I can get her to pre-school. And that makes her night time schedule even shorter since she has to leave the house when I do.  I hope we can get her sleep schedule worked out soon, because most days the kid drives me cray cray! And I can't handle being cray cary!! But she's still loving school, so that's a plus.

And that's all I have to report this week! What's been up with you?


  1. Sorry Logan didn't make it to Round 3 :(
    I would love to help you choose a cover!

    Re Lydia's nap ... try starting on the weekends to wean her to a shorter power nap at a time that would be the same during the week. Tell her she's getting to be such a big girl now and because she is, you'll be waking her up after she takes a Big Girl Power Nap! That way she has a couple days to get used to that short pick-me-up. And when you wake her after Monday's power nap, maybe she won't be so cranky as she's for sure gonna be Sat and Sun when you wake her. Give her some kind of special treat when she wakes up to maybe ease her back into wakefulness.

    I don't know if that will work, but it's worth a shot.

  2. Oooh, nice gift!
    Maybe I'll have you do a cover for ME. LOL