Happy 2014!

Monday, January 6, 2014
Hi!  I'm back from my Christmas/New Year's break I didn't even know I was going to take from blogging!  But I didn't have much to say. Do you ever just feel like blah, where nothing inside you feels like it could possibly be interesting? So you just vegetate and do nothing.

Well, I think I just broke free from one of those slumps!  I read some good, energizing books (God love a good book!), hung out with some friends, lost a couple Uno games, and now I'm back in action.

This year, I know I can look forward to Book Two in the Granton University series coming out.  This will be published by Omnific Publishing.  It's Tess's story, and the title I came up for it was Loving Lies, but I have a feeling that's going to change. We'll see!

I'm also 70,000 words into writing To Professor with Love.  I came up with a new cover for it that I like best so far. But knowing me, that may change too! I know, I'm so fickle.

I've also had a total of five--wow, five--people order book covers from my new cover designing venture. So I'm jazzed about that.

It's been cold here. It was -10 degrees Fahrenheit as I drove to work this morning. But now it's a balmy one degree. I'm starting to sweat a little in all my layers! 

My kiddo has been going stir crazy, cooped up inside where it's warm. She's even played her way through all the toys she got for Christmas, if you can image that. And it's my hubby's birthday tomorrow, except he's already discovered his gift and gotten to play with it, which happens every year. I swear, one of these years, I'm going to surprise him. I am!

And...that's what's up with me. Lots to be grateful for from last year, and a lot to look forward to this year!  What's been up with you?

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your holidays and the break. I'm just coming back, too. We'll need to remember this cold weather in July when it's 100+.

    p.s. Best cover designer ever!