Cover Reveal for DOUBLE BETRAYAL by Ada Frost

Saturday, December 20, 2014

I'm excited to be one of the people to share the cover reveal for
Double Betrayal (Surviving #3) By Ada Frost
Release date: 29th January
I just LOVE this cover. And if you do too, then you might be interested to know she designed her own cover and that of covers for other people too (HERE)! 

Here is what the story is about:

Emily’s life had three basic rules, love her family fiercely. Never expect forever and most importantly, shield her heart from pain. At a tender age she had learned love is not forever, sex destroys and if you don’t invest your heart, it can never be broken. She played life safe.

All it takes though, is one moment, a defining light in the perpetual darkness to bring life into your heart. For Emily, it was a night she would never forget, an ordinary evening of dancing, drinking and if she was in the mood, a brief one night stand. But then he beguiled her. His emerald eyes captivated and enslaved her to him.

What Emily didn’t anticipate was the mysterious giant to sit beside her and rock her foundations. His dirty mouth and sexy innuendos intrigued her. The green eyed Adonis took her for the ride of her life, on his motorbike. One she would never forget. He intertwined himself into her life and captured her soul.

But the illusion of beauty can hide a broken past. And as the lovers fall deeper, the darkness leeches into the light, suffocating and destroying all within its path. Until there is nothing left but betrayal and shattered hearts.

**Due to sexual content, it may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18 years of age.**

CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming release, Ada!!!
Here is where we can find out more about her stories:


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