Bad Boys Don't Play Hero - CH 2

Thursday, September 17, 2009
OK, it's up. I've uploaded chapter two of my short free-read YA romance, Bad Boys Don't Play Hero. You can click HERE to check it out or start at chapter one by going to My Bookshelf at

At a chapter a month, you should be able to finish reading the story in January, so you'll be all prepared to check out The Stillburrow Crush when it's released in February. Come back again next month to read chapter three. I hope you enjoy.

In other blog news, Laura's Reviews is having a contest giveaway for the book "Song of Solomon" by Toni Morrison. Leave a comment on her blog before midnight of September 25th if you want to enter.

Also... Claire Ashgrove is about to release her FIRST novel at The Wild Rose Press. So, I'm sure she'd like all the support she can get right now. You can check out her blog "From the Muse" here. She might be willing to interview on your blog if you're interested... she did mine!! But you gotta wait till October to read it (hee hee)!

And in the TWEET world... yes, I've gone Twitter. So, if you're a twitter-pated follower, you can follow me by clicking the "FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER" button on this very blog, located on the left hand side, way down, right under my Fav Blogs List.


  1. I didn't know you were doing that. Posting the free-reads. I'm heading over there now. I will return! And I'm on twitter too. Gonna follow you! :)

    Thanks for telling us about Claire. Nice name. That is the name of one of my two girls in my MG novel. Gotta get that book!

    I'll check her blog out too. Thanks Linda! :)

  2. Claire has horses like you, so you'd actually probably have more in common with her than I do.

    And eek! It's kind of nerve-wracking knowing someone's going to look at my story. But thanks.

  3. WOW! If I get one thing from reading chapter one and two it's your voice. You have also shown me your eye for detail: Her chest didn’t fill out the top of her blouse like some of the other girls around, but her long slender legs made up for it.

    I loved diving into Nick and Kiernan's worlds. Vinny too. Thanks! You have made me really want to read more. And I want to read The Stillburrow Crush. Can't wait until February. And I know you can' either!! :)

  4. Hi Linda, I just went over for the free reads. Dang! I have to wait for Chapter 3.
    I really enjoyed the story, the characters, the suspense. Great job.

  5. Thank you, guys. Wow. *blushing* But really. Feel free to stop by and gush on like that about one my of stories any time!

  6. Hi Linda! Great story. Can't wait to read more. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I just tried to follow you on twitter but I couldn't find you. I tried "Linda Kage" and "LindaKage" (no quotes of course) and it didn't come up with anything.

    On Twitter, I'm "Ashleyladd" all one word.

    I love your story promotion idea. I'm going now to check out your story and also see if Claire wants to do an interview on my blog.


  8. Thank you, Nancy. You're probably being overly generous, but I like it!

    And Ashley, I guess I could've given the web address for my twitter (oops!). It's but "ashleyladd" is already a follower on my twitter, so... I guess something went right!

  9. How are you and the baby doing today?

    Would you be interested in doing a guest blog spot or author interview on my blog? Let me know.