Happy Labor Day Weekend

Saturday, September 5, 2009
My crazy college town is at it again. But this time, they sucked me into the enthusiasm. Last week it was "Paint the Town Red." To celebrate the first home football game of the year, businesses around the city painted everything red and yellow (the school colors--or if you want to be PSU correct, the colors would be "crimson and gold"). Trees were wrapped with red cloth. Red balloons were tied to poles. And windows were painted with Gus, our gorilla mascot.

This week, it being Labor Day Weekend and the town's Little Balkan's Days, the place is even busier with activity. And I, quite by accident, won Skybox tickets to the second home game of the year. So, right about now, I'm painting myself red and entering Gus's Jungle to watch Pitt State play Chadron State. I hear they have a buffet of finger foods, private bathrooms, and comfortable inside seating in their luxury skyboxes (perfect for a pregnant woman, huh?). This'll be the first time I attended a game since they installed their Jumbotron score board too, so I'm counting on being thoroughly entertained.

It'll be a new experience anyway. And, hey, maybe I'll glean an idea for a new story from the day. We'll see! I hope you all enjoy your Labor Day Weekend.


  1. LOL You painted yourself! That's some spirit. :-)
    Hope you enjoy the fun!

  2. I hope you had a great holiday weekend. How was the game?

  3. OK, I confess. I didn't actually PAINT paint myself (though, some people there did). But I did dress profusely in red. And we won!!! 41 to 13.

    I hope you guys had a good Labor Day weekend as well. Thank you for stopping by.