Carrie's Yearbook

Saturday, February 20, 2010
Only SIX days until The Stillburrow Crush is here and available to the public. This morning on my countdown, I've stolen my heroine--Carrie's--yearbook from her junior year (which happens to be the year her story takes place), and I copied down a few quotes people wrote in the autographs section.

Don't worry, I put the yearbook back when I was done... she'll never know it was gone!

And now, here are what fellow classmates had to say to her after her junior year at Stillburrow.

I loved your prom dress. You and Luke looked cute together.
--Brenda Newell

You're pretty cool, Paxton.
--Rick Getty

I used to think you were weird. Now, I KNOW you are. But in a good way!
--Nathan Bates

Thank you for the quote you wrote on my leg cast. It made my day.
--Jill Anderson

A hot brother AND a hot boyfriend. I so wish I was you.
--Liz Curry

Timmy was here!
--Tim Newell

I'm impressed with how well you raised your trigonometry grade.
--Mr. Underhill

I'll never forget how Luke stood up to Egghead for you.
--E. T.

I still think YOU wrote those poems.
--Jordan Burke

Nice article about Appomattox Court House you wrote in the school paper. I think I'll use it in my history class next year.
--Mr. Decker

Thank you for the best year of my life. Love, Luke.
P.S. But Bates is right, you ARE weird!!

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  1. These are wonderful. I can hear the voices of her classmates so well. Very fun!