"The Stillburrow Crush" is released TODAY!!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

What are you still doing, hanging around here?

GO, GO to the main page of The Wild Rose Press and order your own copy (in PRINT or eBOOK) already!!!!

Or you could find The Stillburrow Crush at Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.

So.... GO!

Oh, and Thanks!


  1. Awesome, Linda! And so exciting! Hope you and new baby are doing well! :-)

  2. Happy, happy Release Day! Wishing you many sales sweetie:)

  3. The day is finally here. First one baby and now your other has been "born". Wonderful news!

    I am considering doing a week long giveaway at my blog. If you would like to have your book be included, please let me know. Hope all is well with you! :O)

  4. Congrats!! Guess what arrived in the mail today? My copies!! See you at my blog on Sunday~

  5. I'm just coming up from computer problems. But, oh my gosh, Happy Release Day! *throws confetti*