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Wednesday, February 17, 2010
We're on day nine of the countdown to The Stillburrow Crush's release, and the party is just getting started. Yesterday our pre-ordered copies arrived at my place, and as you can see above, my seven-day old just can't put the story down...oh, yeah, it's that good (LOL)!

Anyway, on DAY 10, I gave you a glimpse of what the plot is about. So, today, how about a sneak peek at an actual scene. This excerpt has been up on my website for months and months, so it's possible you already read it. IF not, now's your chance to enjoy.

“They really ought to tear that place down. Just look at that sagging roof.”

Luke gave a soft laugh behind me. “That would involve change.”

“What do you mean?”

“Haven’t you ever noticed this town’s stuck in a time capsule? It’s like we’ve never heard of the term progress. I mean, there’s hardly any cell phone towers around and forget about high speed internet.”

“High speed what?” I asked, glancing back to give him a puzzled look.

He opened his mouth to explain, when it dawned on him I was joking. “You always have to be a smart aleck, don’t you?”

We shared a smile.

I looked into his face and relished these minutes where I could ogle him selfishly. I knew I should give him the information he wanted from me now, but I could only stare. It took me a moment to notice his expression, though.

His gaze had been roaming my face but had paused on my left ear. When he snorted out a surprised laugh, I frowned.

He pointed a finger toward my hair. “Uh, I think the wind messed it up some.”

I patted my head, my face flaming.

“Here,” Luke said, and flipped down his visor,lighting up the mirror underneath. I looked up and groaned. Not only had the wind caught a hold of my hair and ripped it half out of its ponytail, it had also knotted and twisted it into a healthy-sized rat’s nest.

I tried to ignore the fact that Luke was sitting next to me—and already knew exactly what the disaster looked like—and ripped the holder out of my hair. I combed through the mess with my fingers but there were knots everywhere. When I caught him staring again, I glared.

“What?” I demanded. But he continued to gawk. I patted at my hair and wondered what he could possibly be thinking about the mess.

“I’ve never seen it all down before,” he said.

Startled, I glanced back in the mirror. I’d seen it down millions of times. I just didn’t leave the house with it loose. There was too much of it to let it run wild. I tried to see it how Luke must see it. It was curly—so curly it bobbed. Tight little curls framed my face like a border full of personality. From the corner of my eye, I saw Luke lift his hand toward one spiraling lock. But when I turned to him, he lowered his fingers and shifted his attention out the window. I stared at his profile for a second, breathing hard.

“It’s pretty,” he said, more to the windshield than to me.

I wanted him to lift his hand again. I wanted him to touch my hair. “I think yours is prettier.”

He laughed. “Guys do not have pretty hair.”

“Well, yours is.” I reached over and touched his hair. I thought maybe if I touched his, he might get the guts to touch mine. But at contact, I gasped. “It’s so soft.” I ran my fingers through the part that always curled around a cowlick when it got wet. I scooted over, leaning across the console between us.


His voice sounded strained so I looked down. I hadn’t realized I’d moved so close. But when I gazed into his face, we were only a breath apart. I was positioned a little above him so I could reach his hair. He lifted his face up to stare at me. His eyes were a blazing blue.

That’s when he touched my hair. He drew his fingers through the curls to cup my head. Then he tilted his chin to the side and pulled me down. I was shocked when our mouths connected. He was kissing me.

Oh my God, Luke Carter was kissing me.

But, wait, I'm not done yet!! The Wild Rose Press has a different excerpt up on their site. Here's a sneak peek at that!


A bead of muddy sweat trickled out of his hairline and down his temple, mixing with blood before moving on. Fascinated, I watched it drool a crooked path down his cheek and neck and then into the collar of his jersey.

As if catching my entranced stare, he lifted the hand that held his helmet and wiped the sweat away with the back of his palm. “What do you want to know?”

I cleared my throat and dropped my eyes. “Umm, well…” I yanked a notebook from the inside pocket of my trench coat. The wind caught a few sheets, making the lined pages flail and thrash like they were drowning in the ocean or something. I tried to get a hold of them and rein them in but only succeeded in wrinkling most of the pad.

“Sorry,” I muttered, and dug deep into my outer pocket, frantically searching for my pen. I couldn’t find the irritating thing there, and switched hands on the notebook to search the other pocket. I didn’t dare look up. I could feel him watching and it made my cheeks hot.

He coughed, trying to get my attention, and my head flew up—long bangs falling into my eyes. He motioned toward my right ear with his index finger. I frowned, wondering if there was a twig or something in my hair and reached up, patting the area. And the pen, which had been securely tucked behind my ear, stabbed me.


So, there you go... A two-fer. Hope you liked them! If you're too impatient to wait for the ebook's release, the PRINT edition is available to buy now at THE WILD ROSE PRESS!

I checked on Sunday and, YAY, the print version for The Stillburrow Crush IS available to buy there. I know a lot of you wanted to be informed when Amazon had it, so CLICK HERE if that is your burying preference.

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  1. Great excerpt! I can relate to those teenage years, first important relationships, and self conscious moments.

    Boy- I'm glad that's all behind me!

  2. Wonderful excerpts! And yeah, I see Lydia's speachless at her copy (snicker)! See? You have fans!

    Tax check arriving in one week; then I'll get it!

  3. Cute excerpt!!!

    Lydia is so beautiful! Did I miss the post announcing her arrival? I'm going back now to look for it...

  4. Congratulations on baby and book! Wonderful. And I loved the excerpts. Planning to be back...