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Monday, October 3, 2011

One of my publishers, Champagne Books, is coming up on its fourth anniversary of being in business, so it's having a huge giveaway on its blog, The Writers Vineyard. And it just so happens, my week to donate something to this celebration is...this week: October 3rd - 7th!

I'll be giving away a paperback copy of my story Hot Commodity.

To enter, visit on my showcase day (October 3rd), read the question there. Then head over to my website ( to find the answer. Finally, email the answer of that question to me at before this Saturday. I know it sounds like lots of work, but it's supposed to be fun and adventuresome! So go...join the adventure!
But that's not all the news I have on winning free books!
If you click over to my contest page (, you can put your name in to win a free PDF ebook copy of Kiss it Better.

Since I usually like to give away two books (an ebook and a print paperback) in my website drawings, I'm adding one more book in this drawing because Kiss It Better isn't available in print. Just let me know which story of mine I have available in print that you'd prefer to win whenever you enter the drawing, and I'll send the book of your choice to whoever wins the paperback drawing.

So, that's three possible chances to win three stories.

The worst part about these contests is spreading the word, I think. Does anyone else know about places where you can advertise your book giveaways?

Someone once listed one of my book contests at (I still don't know who did that), and I got lots of visitors stopping by to drop their name into the drawings, so I might try listing it there again.

There is also a Book Contest announcements page on Facebook where you can announce a book contest as well. I might try talking about my contest there, see how that goes.

I could also list them on some Yahoo chat loops on their author promo days, but after that, I'm clueless.

Hope you have a good week. It's October! My favorite month.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the heads up. :-)...& for stopping by my Fifty Shades post. Feel free to enter the giveaway. Who knows, you might win.
    _yay_ @ BookthatThing!

  2. How fun!! Check out goodreads. You can have an author profile and host giveaways. :-)