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Wednesday, October 19, 2011
It's my day be a guest at the The Writers Vineyard, where I created a new writing term (well, as far as I know, no one's ever used it before, but I'm not much of an original, so I have a bad feeling it may not be new....sigh).

You can check it out at:


Oh, and I think I know a happy little secret. I was browsing The Wild Rose Press website on Monday, and clicking on links for their cover artists, wondering who was going to design the cover for my story, The Best Mistake, when I clicked on Debby Taylor's site.

I saw the title of this one book first. And when I read The Best Mistake, I gasped. Wow, someone else had a book out with the same title as me. So I glanced at the author, and gasped again. Wow, someone had the same name as me!!! Then it finally clicked, wow, that's the cover for MY book!!

Nothing is official yet. I haven't gotten an email from the publisher letting me know this is MY book cover, but it was still thrilling to see. If you want to take a peek at it, too, it's over at http://www.dcagraphics.com/.

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  1. Love the new cover!

    Dropped in over at The Writers Vineyard. Interesting post.