Giveaway Prizes

Monday, December 19, 2011
At the end of last year, I listed all the books I'd won in contests and giveaways throughout 2010. So I decided to do it again this year. I can't remember if-or-what I won early in 2011, but boy have the prizes rolled in this past month.

'Tis the season for sure!!!

I would love to thank:

...Allison Knight, who provided a giveaway of her highland historical, Battlesong, in a recent Champagne Books chat, which I won.

...Annie Rayburn, author of Bittersweet Obsessions, a paranormal sci fi romance. I won a copy of that book on a contest in Carol Kilgore's Tiki Hut.

...Jessica Nelson, who gave away not one but TWO books on her blog BookingIt! There, I won inspirational romance stories Polar Bear Plunge by Linda S. Glaz and Savannah's Gift by Camille Eide!

...Claire Ashgrove. She has a giveaway of her books on her blog every Monday (Yeah, I know! Too cool!). From there, I won paranormal romance novella, Tormented by Darkness.

...and AllRomance eBooks is having a free book a day on the twelve days of Christmas. I won a contemporary interracial romance story there called Black Butterfly by Sienna Mynx.


And here, the year isn't even over yet. Who knows what else could happen before 2012 rolls around!

Finally in the giving Christmas spirit myself, I have decided to throw a little giveaway contest here on this blog! About time, huh!!

So... If you won a prize this year, tell us about it. If not, feel free to rant about that! Pretty much just leave any kind of comment below and you'll be entered in my Christmas present giveaway.

I would like to gift someone with the complete works of Linda Kage in PDF ebook (geez, it makes me sound all important when I say it that way...The Complete Works...heehee!). I'll even throw in ARC ebooks of my two forthcoming novels, The Best Mistake & The Right to Remain Mine.

That makes nine books total! And if you'd like to pick and choose from the nine (ie: you have a copy of one or two of them already, so you only want five books, or some of the stories don't look like something you'd enjoy, thus you only want two), that's perfectly fine with me! Whatever.

I'll announce the winner on Friday! Good luck with all the Christmas Contests you guys have entered this festive season....


  1. Great idea, Linda! I won a copy of Domingo's Angel by Jenny Twist and it introduced me to a wonderful writer. I loved the story which is set in Spain.

  2. I like it! I won a few books by Sandy Sullivan. Her cowboy series it wonderful!!!!

  3. Thanks for the mention! I have won several prizes this year, and I've been bad about keeping track. One of my goals for next year is to do a better job of that. If I win any next year, that is. Now that I have a Kindle Fire, I'm able to read more books. When I have time, which has been non-existent for a couple weeks now.

  4. Great haul for you this year. I love all your covers together. Definitely a theme there.... :O)

  5. Hi Romy! I haven't heard of Jenny Twist. Might have to try her out! I've finished Allison and Annie's Books and am so glad I won them. I will definitely read more of their work now!

    Marie! I love Sandy's book covers but I haven't read anything from her yet either. Congrats on your win!!!!

    Carol, thanks for hosting Annie. Once I started her book, I couldn't put it down!

    Diane. You just reminded me by seeing your name that I won a book off your blog too! (Palm to forehead moment) It was a cute picture book by your cousin, I think. Thanks for that!

  6. WOW, that's like a prize-a-palooza!

    I won THREE books off of Goodreads--including the new Amanda Hockings.
    I won a book off of For the Love of Books blog.
    Then I was given a book as a gift for reviewing a free copy of a another book. LOL

  7. Na, it's probably more like torture for the poor person who wins!!

    Wow, three books off Goodreads is amazing!! I've been thinking of trying Amanda Hockings!

    Sounds like you got a good haul, Jennifer. Congrats!

  8. I've won a few books the past year also....and LOVED The Stillburrow Crush! I've probably given away more books than I've sold, but my online friends have been so encouraging, I had to share with them. And yes, I've been disappointed when I didn't win a particular book, but there's always a chance later on:)