The Horrors of Christmas Cards

Friday, December 16, 2011
Well, I survived. Barely. But what an awful experience.

I ordered our cute, Walgreens photo Christmas cards with an adorable picture of the hubby helping my baby put the star on the Christmas tree (see below!). Then I had another picture of her in her Christmas dress standing in front of the tree. It was a bit blurry but too sweet to keep out, so I put it in the smaller frame next to the "star" picture.

Yeah, all was good and well there. The order processed within the day and by that evening we had the pretty cards in our possession. I'd typed up a nice letter and had the hubby proof it to make sure it read okay.

And then the big day came. Stuffing and addressing letters.

Oh, the horror.

I used to have everyone's name in my computer where I typed up quick labels and was done with that part. But we got a new computer this year, ergo no names were in the new system. So I had to hunt up everyone who was supposed to be on the list and print out all the names...yes, with my awful handwriting.

What's worse, I always make mistakes and have to cross out, mark off or line through. Without fail, I put the wrong address with the wrong person's name...more than once. Once I wrote in one family member on two get the gist, I suppose.

After scrounging up what was hopefully an up-do-date list of people to send cards to, the assembly line began.

Hubby decided to 'help.' Yeah. HELP!!!! As I scribbled out addresses on the envelopes, he stuffed the pictures and letters (letters which we soon learned need to be physically cut to fit into the short envelopes, ugh), then he stamped and sealed.

Since he'd had a bad day at work, he was already in a mood....which in hindsight makes me wish I just would've said, "You sit on the couch, dear, and watch TV. I got this." But I didn't. Oh, why didn't I?

So the kid whined down out our feet the entire time, demanding constant attention and stringing toys and whatnot across the house in retaliation (oh, you know she did it just to get even!), while the husband and I bickered back and forth. Do we really need to send a card to "these" people? Honestly?

I kept checking my emails, hoping people I'd asked for current addresses might've responded.

And halfway through addressing envelopes, the freaking envelopes ran out! We only got enough envelopes to fit half the cards. So, we pulled out the ugly security envelopes we use to send out bills.

Then we ran out of cards to fit everyone on the list. I scurried to print out pictures on our home printer. The sad thing was, the people we like most were at the bottom of the list and got shafted on the cute Walgreen cards.

Then the big argument began over whether Great Aunt Dorothy REALLY needed a card because she probably wouldn't remember who we were anyway.

I didn't strangle hubby, thankfully, but I did walk out the room once, and so did he. I made him finish the cards since I wasn't doing 'anything' right (I know, there's going to be coal in my stocking this year). While he did that, I cleaned up the mess our child had made. I would die for this wonderful man, really, but stuff Christmas cards with him again? No, thank you.

Meanwhile, the kiddo found a baggie of animal crackers to eat, so at least she didn't starve!!

To conclude, a handful of cards went into our mailbox this morning to be delivered. And all three of us survived the night!

I KNOW I missed sending cards to lots of important people, but as of right now, I'm not sending any more this year. And with that, I'm all Ba-hum-bug. Give me a book to read or write any day. I am not a good Christmas Card sender.

Okay, I'm not the best book writer either, but at least I find joy in that!

So, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. Just don't expect a card from me this year!


  1. I keep telling myself I'm going to put all those addresses in my computer so I don't have to write, scratch out and scribble on envelopes every year! :) I can definitely relate.


  2. I just finished my cards yesterday. I handwrote them all too--but because I thought it would be a nice personal touch this year. What was I thinking? LOL

  3. I totally miss out on the Christmas cards every year. By the time I have time to send then, it's too late. Next year, I'm going to do a Christmas card with a picture. The hubby and I are going on a few trips. So I plan on taking a lot of pictures and using one of them for our Christmas card. In all of the 16 years we've been married, we haven't done this.

  4. Amber & Jennifer, I'm sure you both have lovely penmanship and your writing puts that perfect personal touch to the cards. I never even thought of it that way. Thanks!! LOL. The postman might not appreciate it though!

    Marie, I've been hit and miss on the Card thing. Some years, they happen. Some years, they don't. Wish I could be more dependable. Oh, but a card with you and you hubby on vacation sounds so nice.

    Everyone, thanks for listening to my petty little rant. I'm so blessed to have great bloggie friends and a family that actually cares enough to write out Christmas cards with me. In truth, this will be a fond memory to recall some year!

  5. I can so relate. Husband "helped" me one year. One. First and last. Love him dearly. Still. But 'nuf said.

    Your daughter is so cute :)