The Best Countdown or Biggest Mistake EVER!

Friday, March 2, 2012
Okay, I doubt this will be the best countdown OR the biggest mistake, but it IS the beginning of my countdown for The Best Mistake!

The Best Mistake is coming out in two weeks but I'm already tired of all the promoting. I should be at the top of my game, but I just want to curl into a ball somewhere quiet and read.

I've reached that mood where I think, Honestly, who cares? There are so many good books out there, so many great authors, so many...everything. One little, insignificant me shouldn't even bother. I mean, what if I'm more like an annoying little fly, buzzing around the room, simply irritating people.

This is the point in an author's career when they're supposed to be flying high and going on and on about how much they love their story that's about to release. Which I do! I really do (of course, I do because it's mine! LOL). It's my first Linda Kage novella and my first true romantic comedy. I was so proud of it. The heroine was perfect (in my head at least): quirky, lovable, clumsy just enough to make it slightly unrealistic but really entertaining with a sad background she hides with her upbeat attitude. The hero was boy-next-door sweet yet sexy enough to be devastating.

But sigh...after contacting so many people to set up interviews and guest posts and proof-reads for reviews, I just don't feel so vibrant and excited anymore. I just feel exhausted.

Reviews so far are all over the place. Some people love it, some people hate it.

The main issue I have, though, is that I feel like I keep shouting over and over again at the same exact people about my upcoming releases. The interviews and guest posts and reviewers were my attempt to branch out, but I can't tell if any of that is helping or hurting.

I know I should start working on my next newsletter to send out too but, again, that feels like another invasion of everyone else's free time, and to me, free time is so precious these days. Besides, I'm still totally embarrassed about that last one i sent. I found so many spelling errors in it, I'm still ducking my head in shame!

Everywhere I go, I hear how important it is to self promote. But promoting myself is frankly unnatural for me. I don't want to be the center of attention. I just want people to be able to sit back, read my stories and find a couple hours of relaxation, entertainment, and a satisfying happily ever after.

If you can't tell, I think I might possible be stressing myself out and over-thinking things just a tad bit, worrying, wondering, praying what the right path to take is.

The good news is, I'll work through it somehow, release day will come and pass, and whatever was going to happen will have happened. So honestly, there's no need for me to stress about anything. I should simply do the best I can and the rest is...que sera sera (what will be will be). Which reminds me of my favorite Doris Day song....

Ahh...That hit the spot. Made me begin to feel better already!

What kind of strange thoughts swirl through your head when the release of your book approaches?


  1. Oh, Linda, I know exactly what you mean even though I've only had one book to promote so far (and a tween book coming out soon). We're even worse here in Scotland at promotion and I get so sick of it all sometimes. But you have so much to be proud of and I'm sure you'll be back on top in a day or two.

    And while I remember, I must have you in my Author Spotlight soon (on my reading and writing blog)! Will be in touch. That way you'll reach a UK audience too.

  2. I'm soon going to be jumping on this bandwagon, too. Not looking forward to it. It's absolutely necessary, however, if we want people to read our stories. I'm pretty sure you're just stressed out. Take a little breather :)

    Looking forward to reading this.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Don't even start with me about new releases. I'm exhausted already and I still have another month and a half to go!

    For what it's worht, I am looking forward to reading your book!!! I love quirky characters.

  4. I know what you mean. I think I'm talking to the same people over and over again (which I still think I am). In this business, self-promoting is necessary but for some people (like me), it feels unnatural. You know, I am looking forward to reading another Linda Kage book. I loved The Right to Remain Mine!