At the Vineyard

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
It's my day to guest post over at The Writers Vineyard today.  I'm talking about my first adventures in writing research.

Since my next story isn't due out until September and I just don't have much to say these days, I'm knocking down my posts to twice a week for the rest of Spring and the summer.  But the mystery will be which two days each week I choose to blog on.  We'll see!

And an update on the kiddo's potty training: After the first successful day, I guess the novelty of peeing in a big girl potty wore off. She doesn't even care to get a "prize" after going now.  And if you suggest using the bathroom, she gets upset.  A few times, she'll come up with the idea on her own but she usually doesn't have to go or she's just gone.  I don't know.

My mom suggests training pants, which I've bought, but they haven't made a difference.  Any other suggestions?


  1. My friend suggested only using training pants when you go out or nap time, otherwise, let her walk around all day in regular underwear. The first day might be a bit of a mess, but then it clicks and it's much more uncomfortbale for them.

    1. I was afraid you'd say that. I do not look forward to this kind of mess but I think I'll have to at least try it. Ugh. Is it possible to just skip the potty training phase?

  2. I thought bribery was foolproof. Guess not.