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Monday, April 9, 2012
I took an online class about book promoting a couple weeks back and learned a handful of new tricks in the marketing corner. Some were so ingenious I'm all eager to share them with you! I've also learned a few other things outside the class I thought were good for helping to get our author brand out there, so here's a few assorted things I've accumulated in the promoting side of writing.


You won't have to say a thing about your newest book if you go out in public wearing this t-shirt. I just got mine and wore it out.  Two people made comments about my books!!

Here's a link to get your conversation-starting t-shirt about YOUR stories!

Cafe Press T-Shirts


Want to giveaway some stuff but no one ever comes to your blog/website/facebook page to enter your contest?  I entered the Night Owl Reviews SPRING FLING Web Hunt, taking place from April 1 to May 15th.

Price:  at least $30.  ($15 per hunt fee to join plus a $15 or more per hunt prize is required)

Benefits: People flock to your website to find a keyword in their web hunt. ( special word for the Spring hunt is PLAY).

Here are my statcounter visitor page load hits for the end of March (right before the hunt started)

3/27 - 7 hits
3/28 - 6 hits
3/29 - 7 hits
3/30 - 10 hits
3/31 - 19 hits

Here are my statcounter visitor page load hits since April 1st (when the hunt started)
4/1 - 91 hits
4/2 - 37 hits
4/3 - 64 hits
4/4 - 66 hits

Still interested?  Well, here's the link on How To Become a NOR Web Hunt Sponsor

If you have the opposite problem as I have (you don't need help getting people to your sites to enter your contests; you're actually so crazy full of people entering the contest that you need a better way to organize your giveaways) then I would consider:

Setting up a free easy-to-use Rafflecopter.
I love entering rafflecopters giveaways!


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Want to make an awesome email newsletter to send out to your peeps? I've heard is a good place to go. It looks like it has other options besides setting up email newsletters, but I haven't spent too much time there myself.  So far, I've only used it to set up a more professional-looking "Join my Mailing List" button (see above)! 


The Romance Review Have you signed up for a free author account at The Romance Reviews website yet?  On the site, there's a link in the upper right hand corner to get started.  Once you're in, you can add all your books (if they're not already in their system). You can enter your stories into contest giveaways.  If you put a TRR graphic on your site, linking back to them, then you can get a cover of your book on their site every month in their "Latest Headline" ads.  You can participate in their seasonal and anniversary parties (note: parties cost money to join). And of course, you can submit your story for review there.  Very cool...IMHO

Manic ReadersLike TRR, you can also sign up for a free author page at Manic Readers as well! If your books are not already listed in their system, you can add them in. Manic Readers is linked up with, like, fifteen other review sites, so once you have an account with them, you can request a review to all these different places by filling out one form and uploading a PDF of your story. They also provide a "plus" member account, which cost money (like a $5/month fee) where you have your own page to manage your royalties, or you get special ad spots or featured review spots.

Okay, that's probably enough link-sharing for today (I've worn myself out). If you've heard of all these places, links, and ideas, then sorry to bother you. But if not,'re so very welcome!

What are some nifty helpful places or tips you know to help us authors get our books out there in front of people's eyes?


  1. These are great. I know I just did two blog hops and I averaged 90 hits a day. Fantastic in my mind. :o) Even if I only get 1 sale it's 1 more than I had!
    Love the t-shirt too. I need all the advice I can get on promoting.

  2. Thanks for sharing what you've learned!

  3. Blog hops are great. You get stellar numbers while the hop is happening. I love the t-shirt!!!!

  4. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing all the links.