In my Mailbox - The Right to Remain Mine!

Friday, April 20, 2012
 As promised I have Lydia pictures to share with you of the arrival of my newest print book, The Right to Remain Mine.

Making her pose with my book has become a tradition since she was four days old and my first box of books came in the mail. She was asleep in her crib and I tucked the book up by her cheek to make it look like she'd fallen asleep reading it. Then I clicked off a shot. Since then, I make her pose with EVERY new Linda Kage book I get!

Here's the newest:
Hey, Lydia, whatcha got there?

Ooh, books.  Very cool.
Hold that up so we can see which book it is.
Wow, The Right to Remain Mine.  Good choice. I highly recommend!
Okay, proud mommy is alive now. Here are a few more pictures of Miss Lydia! And yes, she likes to wear her hat, glasses, and watch pretty much everywhere!

Making a spider web out of tape!
Feet can't quite reach the peddles yet.
2012 Easter Egg Hunt
2012 Easter Egg Hunt
2012 Easter Dress
With the pearls and fuzzy collar!
2012 Coloring Easter Eggs


  1. She is getting big!! And is such the fashionista!!! I love the tradition.

  2. So cute!! And congrats on getting your books! So fun!

    Just started A Man for Mia and really enjoying. :-)

  3. She's so adorable. :) Getting big.
    Congrats on the print book.

  4. Lydia is a real cutie. She'll like getting the books as much as you do :)

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Oh, she's so adorable!! I love that age. So fun!