Time Marches On

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
The lazy days of summer have definitely consumed me. At work, the air conditioning is not working; so we have this ancient fan pushing around stale air to keep us from slowly dying of sweat before four o'clock rolls around every day.

When I'm home, I don't feel like doing much of anything except lounging on the couch, soaking up the sweet cool air, and either reading or watching all the episodes of Drop Dead Diva on Netflix.

Drop Dead Diva is definitely my new obsession. My sister and niece told me I needed to watch it.  So finally I did...and couldn't stop. I think I've bawled during pretty much every episode, but the romance junkie in my just can't help it. Grayson and Deb/Jane are SOUL MATES; their souls need to be together. It drives me crazy when I start to think finally they're about to get together and then something interrupts, keeping them apart. Season Four just started this month on Lifetime and I've been DV-Ring it like a maniac!

Lydia isn't so much a fan of the show, however. She hates when I watch it because I tune her out a little too well.  Then she'll clap when the ending credits start to roll, announcing, "No  more, Mama, no more."

We got her a little ten-foot pool to play in. Actually, after we bought it at Wal-Mart, one of my hubby's friends gave us their old pool they didn't want anymore. So we took the new, still-boxed pool back and spent twice the amount of its price, buying chemicals and pool cleaners to keep it in good condition. It should be safe to climb into the water tonight. Fingers crossed that the kiddo likes it!

Oh, hey!  I finally heard back from my editor ninety-three days after I sent in my full manuscript.  I haven't been offered a contract but I didn't receive a rejection either (yay, me!). Ms. Editor wants me to change a few things so it will fit into a certain line in the company. As of right now, I'm currently waiting to hear back from her on where she'd like me to go with the story.

In other news, my mom is now making her first big trip since becoming a widow. She and her youngest sister started out yesterday.  They'll drive across Kansas and wind their way up into Colorado to see one of my cousins, then eventually land in Montana to visit their oldest sister.

When I asked Mom when she'd be home, she vaguely answered, "Oh, before the fourth of July, I think."  I'm happy for her.  She's always wanted to travel like this, but has been tied to the farm, always taking care of kids, cows, grand-kids or her declining husband. This is probably the first bit of freedom to do whatever she wants in her entire life. I just hope she enjoys it.

And that's what's up with me and my loved ones. What's keeping you busy this summer?


  1. Good for your mom. I hope the trip is healing for her.
    I've never heard of this show. I might have to check it out. :-) Enjoy your summer! I'm trying to not be too busy, so just going to the river and watching my nephews is about it for me. :-)

  2. You have a new look. Or an old look I just noticed. Whichever, I like it :) I'm so engrossed in getting my book launched I'm not doing much else. Happy Summer!