Winner & a Recipe!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Congratulations to...

Carol Kilgore

who won two books from me for commenting on my Summer Kick Off Blog Hop Post.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by.  Made me feel kinda loved!

So this weekend, I actually cooked something.  I know, strange, huh?  But since I've become addicted to Pinterest (ooh, follow me-- I'll follow you back!!), I've been repinning yummy-looking foods like a maniac.  And the S'MORES POPS I found while repinning finally got me to cook!  But look at them, they're just so...sooooo yummy!

What you Need:

This list is probably pretty obvious, but I'll tell you anyway!
-Marshmallows (I say the bigger the better)
-Chocolate (I used Dove Milk chocolate silky smooth promises because they were the first package of chocolates I found in the store)
-Graham Crackers (Here, I'd say the cheaper the brand the better!)
-Toothpick or Straw or any type of stabbing utensil, really

How to Make:

It's probably pretty obvious. I looked at the picture and went from that!  My sister let me borrow her little mini crock pot a couple years back to put little barbecue smokies in and I never gave it back, so I used that to heat my chocolate. 

I'm so proud of myself, I actually had the willpower NOT to eat any of the chocolates as I unwrapped every individual bar and popped them into the warming pot (okay, okay, my niece helped me unwrap them, but she didn't eat any either).

Meanwhile, I had my two-year-old daughter and eight-year-old nephew pounding on the graham crackers until they were dust.

It only took a few minutes for the chocolate nuggets to warm and melt into liquid yum.  Then my niece and nephew hogged into line in front of me, stabbed their marshmallows, dunked them into the chocolate pot, then rolled them around in the bowl of crushed graham crackers. The moans that followed had me shoving them out of the way and making my own little sample to taste test.

I think I gained thirty pounds this weekend (or at least I should have) because, seriously.  These were grrr-eat! With his mouth still full, my nephew demanded I make him s'more pops for him on his birthday. 

And that's what I did this weekend.  What'd you guys do?


  1. Oh, YUM!!!! I love those Dove bar candies too.

    Congrats to Carol!!

    We spent the weekend at the beach. It was awesome!

  2. Wow...those look good...I spent the weekend inside writing sexy copy for an appliance baby...

  3. Yea! I can't believe I won. Thank you :)

    Those easy s'mores look awesome. Guess how I'll celebrate :)

  4. Oh no, I see a chocolate craving coming on! How on earth did you undwrap and NOT eat the Dove chocolates? Those look delish and I'll be trying these in the near future. Thanks for the recipe Linda!