My Trip to Green Bay

Monday, September 17, 2012
Remember a few weeks back, I talked about being an armchair traveler, bemoaning the fact that I'd only been to nine different states in my lifetime.  Well, make that ELEVEN states.

We went to Wisconsin last week (and had to drive through Iowa to get there).

My husband has turned into a raging (okay, maybe not totally raging, but his interest has definitely grown) football fan in the last few years. His favorite NFL team is the Green Bay Packers. Last year, he was able to seen them play at Arrowhead (that's the stadium in Kansas City, if you didn't know) when they played the Chiefs. And ever since then, he's wanted to go to Lambeau (aka, the Packer's field).

So he got online and burned through one of my royalty checks (the nicest royalty check I'd ever received too) to get a tour package, filled with two tickets, and three nights at a hotel one block from the stadium, a tail-gate party invite, and a fancy tour of Lambeau.

So here are a couple pictures from my trip:
Anyone read or seen THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY? We had to stop in Madison Co, Iowa to take a picture of one of those bridges!! And another interesting fact: the town by THIS bridge (St. Charles, IA) is also the birthplace town of John Wayne.

Me in front of Lambeau field!

The hubby!  Did you know: out of all the NFL football teams, Green Bay is the smallest city to have a team. The next largest is New Orleans with around 800,000 people.

The Green Bay, part of Lake Michigan. Sadly, this is the largest body of water I've ever seen.

Proof I actually attended the game!

And proof I'm not bad luck!  (or maybe I'm bad luck for the Chicago Bears). Final score--Green Bay 23 to Chicago 10!!

And here's the kiddo trying out all the loot we got here while she was having a blast all week with Grandma and Grandpa!
To say the least, we had lots of fun. We're ready to go back again. 

So what happened with you guys while I was away?


  1. Nothing but writing, writing, writing. It looks like a lot of fun. Hubby and I really need to get away!!

  2. FUN!! So nice of you to treat your hubby!

  3. Love the exact head count on that population sign and your babe is adorable!!! :O)

  4. I'm glad you had a great trip!! Love the pictures!