Friday Updates!

Friday, January 11, 2013
It's a good thing I didn't make "visit more blogs" one of my New Year's resolutions because I've totally bombed in that department so far this month. I have no idea how everyone else is doing. I know lots of my blogger friends are having book releases, and tours, and cover reveals, and I'm over here, lost in my own world.  But hopefully, I'll get out and visit today. Fingers crossed.

I've been busy in my little world though.I've been swamped in my day job. One niece passed the state board test and is now officially an RN. One sister had to stay the night in the hospital due to high heart rate (but she's out and okay now). Another sister received an award yesterday for being the top first-year teacher in our state. My mom is going on a trip to Alaska this summer. My kid still refuses to go number two in the potty. And in the past fifteen days, I've sold TWO stories!!!!

I know, crazy huh?

Since Black Lyon Publishing has mentioned it on their website, I guess it's okay for me to announce: ADDICTED TO ANSLEY will release in the spring. This is a sweet adult romance (something my mom will actually read!). And it's about a guy who falls for a girl. You know, the usual!  I tried to implement the issue of drug use. But...since I know next to nothing about that topic, it's gonna be real interesting to discover how accurate I actually got some details!!  I still love the romance part of the story though!! I sigh out a little dreamy sound every time I think about my two main characters, Ward and Ansley.

I also have a college-age romance story I sold to Omnific Publishing. But I haven't gone too far in dealings there yet. I don't even know if the working title I submitted with my manuscript is going to stick yet or if it'll be changed. So I can't report much past, I SOLD A BOOK!!  But I'm still VERY excited about this one.  The plot is....pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.  Whenever I've given anyone a quick run-down over what it's about, I can't tell I've captured their attention, yet they still say, "Whaaaat? That's Just, wow."

So there are two things you have to look forward from me this year. Now, I'm off to visit everyone else!

Happy Friday!


  1. ACK!!!! I forgot to add: there is a giveaway contest going on to win an ebook copy of A FALLOW HEART over at Romance Reviews :

    It ends JANUARY 15th!

  2. I know what you mean about busy! Since New Year's it seems as if I hit the ground running and haven't been able to visit as many blogs either.

    Hey, Congrats on those sales!!! I'm so intrigued with that last story!

  3. Congrats! Boy have you been a busy, busy woman!!!

  4. Congratulations! All kinds of mostly good things going on in your life. Now if Lydia would just get her act together, you'd be all set :)

    Happy Weekend!

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  6. Congrats on the two new contracts! Wonderful news.